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BABY DUST 5 ~ Extra Sticky!

Just thought I'd start the next thread since our last one is getting pretty bogged down by all our posts :)
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I am on CD 16 of a normally 32/33 day cycle.  Still waiting to O.  This month I am taking FertilAid, charting my BBT and using an OPK.

What about everyone else?
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thanks keeks!! this is much better now.

Mandy i live in Melbourne australia and we dont do the registry thing and i cant see us meeting when the babies are born unfortunately for me!! we have really all become friend on this and going through a pregnancy together has been great so i hope you guys do manage to meet up after all the births.

keeks i am not doing the clsses this time - they told me not to bother. i think i am pretty in the know of what to expect before and after but i did love the classes when preg with my 1st. your first pregnancy is so different to your others as much as you love them all. and keeks you said you cant imagine anyone not liking being pregnant well i am one of them. i cant wait for it to be over and it has dragged on already for me. its just because i am so sick all the time i just want to be able to eat and have energy again so it makes it go slower. but i can def understand why some people do hate being pregnant.

well today i had a bit of a shock. i took my daughter to the swimming pol and ended up passing out. they called an ambulance but i made them cancel it cause i only passed out. they thought i might be in labour or something but i have to go off to the docs in an hour to get all checked out. sugars and blood pressure and stuff. we will see how i go. i have been feeling like i could pass out fequently for the las week or so but then i actually did so hopefully all is ok. apart from that i am still throwing up a few times a day and the kids have both had ear infections so all fun and games here. my hubby has gone to spain for 3 weeks and i miss him terribly i just dont know how you do it keeks. will he be around when the baby is born?? you are so good to be able to deal with not seeing him  for a month - i am hopeless. he has called me every day and every day i have balled my eyes out. must be pregnancy hormones too lol.
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OH NO! I hope you are okay!.....Passing out is scary for sure!......I wonder if you got over-heated maybe or just didnt eat enough?.....I know I feel really faint alot when I get out of the shower ( temp change probably ) or if I do too much & dont eat right away......Hopefully they will be able to figure it out!.......Have you had your diabetes check yet?.....maybe its Anemia?......Thats so scary though!.....Im glad your okay!.......I can understand why you wouldnt like pregnancy dont worry!......I just find I know alot of women who complain about stupid stuff like "not being able to sleep on their stomachs"....or "not drinking"....like just really trival stuff , for me , I knew what I was getting into & giving up so im not about to complain!.....I think i'll be more uncomfortable after the birth lol , all gross & leaking , no reason to be fat anymore lol.....im NOT looking forward too it! haha!.........My Fiance comes home on Tuesday for good until March 09 , we are going to share the maternity leave so he can be home for a while.....I dont know how I do it honestly , especially being pregnant.....I miss him so much its horrible!......I havent cried too much this time , but I just wait all day for the minute we get to talk......We dont get to talk for long , maybe 20 minutes a day and thats interupted so its probably 5 minutes at a time , most of it online because he doesnt always have cell phone service......I know exactly how you feel so dont worry! It is really hard , and the hopeless feeling will go away as you regain your own routine but its hard......Its hard to function without that daily communication & closeness with your hubby!.........The one thing I hate right now is that we arent even allowed to have sex , we werent allowed before he left & still arent allowed , so we are also missing out one that normal intimacy we usually have as well lol........Why is your hubby in Spain for so long?.....Does he have a way home & such if you need him?.......My best advice to get through the 3 weeks is just to occupy yourself with as much as you can.....it will go by fast I promise!......Just take it easy & relax as much as possible , especially since you fainted you want to be careful you dont over-do it!........keep us updated on how your doing!!!!!!
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oh this is why there is no other posts on the other baby dust 4 page lol.
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Where is everyone? lol I havent seen the boards this dead in a while & I dont think its a long weekend :P lol........

Rachjas ~ Sending you tons of sticky honey covered BABY DUST .....Keep us updated! :) *********************** BABY DUST**********************

Mandy ~ Thats funny you mentioned Aiden dancing to that lolli lolli song! Rylen boogies too , its hilarious , you can like see him bouncing around , it has to be really loud though for him to get going!.......I read that babies who like music are easily calmed by it once they are born , so thats kinda cool!......I know my mom said when my sister & I were little she used to put music on in the car & we were good to drive anywhere , we never cried or had tantrums in the car as long as there was music & most of the time it put us to sleep when we were babies , so hopefully Rylen is like that cause I LOVE to drive & listen to music :)

Princess ~ How ya holding up hun?.......find anything out from your doc on why you fainted?.......Been thinking about you lots!.........How are you dealing with being hubby-less?......Are you finding it a bit easier to function yet?.......Hope your doing well! :)

Jamie ~ haha , yeah the other post was taking forever to load & sometimes it wouldnt show me the most current posts so I figured it was time for a new one LOL......Hows your weather? are you having thunder storms too or is that just for Red Deer/Calgary area?
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Yes I understand! it started to slow down for me too!!
Our weather up in Edmonton here is doing alright, we aren't getting too much of the thunderstorms and if we do its at supper time and then it passes, but I think its more red deer, airdrie, and calgary that is getting them!!
Mind you a tornoado touched down outside of airdrie the other day and crossed high way 2, I am so intrigued by those things and we just went down to waterton at the end of June and I was hoping to see a little one, but didn't!!
Anyways, so no more baby flutters for me its now actual kicking or something I feel, or when it seems to be moving around I feel it!! The little kicks or punches I feel are like little taps on the inside, kinda like how it felt wehn my boys had their hiccups when I was pregnant with them!! I mean they are not forceful kicks yet, but I know its coming, movements get stronger every week I tell yeah.
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oh and about the heart beat high is a girl low is a boy, well I know a girl who is pregnant and is due in January and she has 2 girls, but they heard the heart beat and it was 170 and they said it sounds like a boy to them????....
So I am not exactly sure on the whole heart beat thing!
Before my boys were born the heart beats were 176 and that was the whole time until they were delivered that day.. So I don't know anymore! This babies is 136, mind you my boys were between 130-145 in the early stages!! Ah can't wait to confirm al lthis in august
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I dont know about the heartbeat thing either to be honest!......His was always 150-145 & I have 2 girlfriends who had girls and their's were always in the same range , yet apparently its a BOY! lol.......Who knows , thats why they have the gender assesement ultrasounds these days I guess lol :P.........I always kinda secretly wonder if they were wrong & im having a girl , but im pretty sure my monkey is a boy lol.............You chase Tornadoes?....Oh wow!......I remember being in Alberta a few summers ago ( we were in Vermillion) and they had the Vermillion Fair that weekend , and all of the sudden within seconds the thunder storm rolled in and they were trying to shut down all the rides cause of the lightening & OMG ive never heard or seen such a storm , I just remember running back to our trailer and it was insane!......I HATE Thunderstorms!........Awww thats so exciting to start feeling flutters & kicks!.........Im gonna miss that part when hes born :(.......I kinda dont want him out at times lol

Where is everyone?? This is crazy dead lol :P
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I thought I would miss the feeling of that too once my boys were born, but to be honest I never really thought about it, nor did it ever occur to me after they were born.... Maybe its becuase I was too busy to really pay any attention, or I don't know lol
I don't really chase them, but I would love to see one and not one that is where I live, I never got to see black friday when it hit Edmonton, but I was only a few days old!! Plus I never want to see one that big either, just a little one taht can't do too much damage!! I know its crazy and insane, and I'M sure I would pee myself if I ever did see one.
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keeks - thanks for thinking of me i am doing ok. miss hubby like crazy and counting down till he gets back. and like you i hang out every day for the 10 min phone call i get from him but at least he will be back soon and i am never letting him go away again! lol he went to spain on a big wine tour as we own a vineyard it was half research and half pleasure. he has had an awesome time and i am glad for that.

my passing out has been put down to over heating and a middle ear infection OUCH! i am so miserable at the moment. i have a flu like cold and it has turned into ear infections and it is driving me crazy. i never realised how painful it was - i will now understand why my kids scream all night when they wake with one. poor things. i have been on ant biotics for 2 days now but it doesn't seem to be getting any better as is really annoying. it is like i have been swimming and have masses of water stuck in my ear. i can hear it bubbling around and i cant hear properly and it makes me dizzy. i am one unhappy camper at the moment so sorry for the whinge!

other thn that bubs is doing well. had a check up and everything is great. have another hospital visit in 2 weeks and they will set a date to induce me 2 weeks early. cant wait for that!!

hope all is well with you girls!!!!!!!!!
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wow can't believe how dead this site is lately
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Its about to get even deader LOL Im gonna MIA for the next few days , Fiance is home & we have ALOT to do this week , plus were housesitting & stuff so I dont know how much i'll be able to get online! but I will try!!.....Hope everyone has a great week & I will hopefully have time to pop in and see whats going on sometime this weekend! :)
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