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BABY DUST 6 ~ Extra Super Sticky

Well , once again our main thread is getting full & hard to load , so I figured the time has come to start yet another chapter!.....Weird to think that this will probably be the thread some of us start talking about our birth experiences & posting actual baby pictures instead of tummy ones! and for others , its the start of a milestone! The 2nd trimester! YAY!

Quick Update ~ Doctors appt today went okay , head is down & engaged & im about 60% effaced but cervix is still closed , My doctor is gone until next Tuesday so as much as I want him out now im kinda scared without her there ..... Baby is like majorly active right now , but on the bright side I had a decent sleep last night so maybe that means things are calming down & i'll get some rest before baby comes!......Next appt is Wednesday unless something changes!

Any baby updates? Ash? Hope your doing well & enjoying your adorable little boy!

Princess sounds like your ready to go anytime now too! Good thing me you & Krissy dont live close or have to go to the same hospital , be a fight to see who gets the best delivery room LOL......Its amazing to think our babies will all be so close , its awesome we've got to share so much about pregnancy & then next the newborn stage!!!
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Well had my doctors appointment today and heard babies heart beat and it was 148 so that is good news, and my weight gain is fine too I think.
Hate seeing the weight thing being at almost 150 I'm used to being 120 but oh well... Baby was measuring 22wks and 1 day time of ultra sound so that put me to 23 wks and 1 day today.
My back is bloody well killing me though lately
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hey everyone check out my photos of my nursery!!
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Aww your nursery is very cute=)
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Princess ~ Awww your nursery is adorable! I love love love the animals! Its so sweet!!.....Thats perfect for a boy or girl!.....What theme is your girls room??.......You've gotta be getting excited! you find out your induction date soon dont you?.....Are you feeling any better the last few days??

Jamie ~ Oh dude dont even go there with the weight gain! LOL.....I have yet to look at the scale , I know its under 30lbs but still , its horrible & one week the scale said I had lost 5lbs , the next time , not even a week later said I had gained 10lbs , so they are convinced their scales are off , but still NOT COOL! lol.....I wanted to cry haha.....Did you lose the baby weight easily after the twins? They do say with girls you tend to gain more & carry it alot differently , but if you had no problems with twins , a girl shouldnt do too much to your figure! lol

Do you guys have Thyme Maternity in the U.S? I am thinking Jamie you probably have it in Edmonton....I got thee best nursing pillow there yesterday! Its one of those super soft & comfy ones , not like the horrible "jolly jumper" brand that are hard and boomberange shaped , & the best part its CHEAP! lol , I seen the same pillow ( just different brand) in The Bay & a specality kids store for $70 , I paid $30 & mine has a washable cover , the others didnt.....Its comfy to use even without the baby but probably my new favourtie buy besides my Diaper Bag lol......If you dont have a nursing pillow yet I HIGHLY recommend it!!!!

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princesska-your nursery is cute...my friend that is due a week after me is also doing a jungle theme (she doesn't know the gender either).  it's really cute...she did stencils on the wall...primary colors like yours :-)

keeks-you are right!  this will be the post that we tell our birthing stories!  oh so exciting!!!  i'm glad to know that you will continue to come on and discuss newborns and keep up with everyone.  i plan to stick with the site after baby also...and maybe in a year or two, we will be requesting baby dust again for our next rounds :-)  how many do you plan to have?  i hope to stop at 2!!

jamie-you don't look 150 at all...  :-)

nursing pillow-i got one in the U.S....it's like the boppy but hooks around the waist...it's called "my breast friend."  hehe.  
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Not too sure if we will have more , I want more by all means , but it depends what it would mean for the pregnancy because of the issues this time around , It would be alot more difficult to go through the complications with a little one at home to worry about as well , and I would only hope my cervix would stay long enough to carry to term again , which who knows because apparently the cervix gets shorter sooner the more times your pregnant , which might be a concern , but I would like to have at least 2 , I want a girl!......We'll probably talk about it once Rylen is 3-4 , at least then hes old enough to understand & will be in pre-k or Kindergarden which makes it easier!.....Ya never know though I suppose! lol......Have you thought about Birth Control methods after Skye's born? I dont know what to do lol , Im thinking IUD cause I dont really trust the pill & I cant imagine having to remember to take a pill while dealing with a new baby , but I dont know much about IUD's either so I gotta look into that! lol
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LOL the things women go through, men have it easy they can loose weight faster then we can, they don't have to worry about carrying babies and having things done to their figure let alone worrying about stretch marks ( mind you men can get those for different reasons), also men to get cellulite=( that is sad haha.
Girls we are not so lucky regardless of babies or not. LOL I was only joking the weight gain doesn't bother me too much, with my twin boys I gained 45 pound so I was 125 pre pregnancy and at the very end 165, then right after they were born 150 and a week later back to 120 and then a few months after going to the gym I was 120 and I didn't have the baby bump after they were born like alot of people I see do, it was just umm skin =S (yuck right) lol but, it was easier to get rid of it and tighten it up then it is to get rid of old baby bump so. But this time around I am not as HUGE as I was, and I do 15min cardio every day plus my 2 nights a week at the gym, but I know a girl due the same time again as me and she has twin girls born in december just like I have twins born then, and at being 3-4 months pregnant she had already gained 50 pounds and my husband says she looks like a box=S.... not a very nice thing to say haha. But poor girl with her twins she was 100 pounds and then at the very end she was 200.
But krissyy your baby bump is so cute, small and I don't think you will have  any problems.
Keeks- haven't seen a picture of your baby bump, but regardless babies make a person loose weight lol especially when breastfeeding.

Keeks- Also about BC I took BC pills for the year and a half once my boys were born and until I was ready for another one and no problems there, but I guess if you could forget then yeah maybe go with something else lol.
ALSO ladies I am so excited to see your babies photos aww I can't wait, I still have a few months left, but you guys don't so I'm excited to see your new babies=)
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Oh we changed Angel Nicole, he didn't like the Nicole part too much, but we have now changed it to Angel Rose..
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I think that name is beautiful!  :)
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jamie-angel rose is pretty, but i like nicole...maybe i am partial ;-)  thanks for your "bump" compliments.  i hope i don't have trouble losing the weight.  i have gained 29lbs...not sure if i will gain more before delivery or not.  i haven't lost or gained over the last 2-3 weeks.  today i ate 2 whole pineapples though...so who knows!

keeks-4 or 5 is a good age to start for #2...but i understand why it would be scary for you to go thru again.  although you have made it really far!!  are you at 37 weeks now?  i will probably go back on the pill.  if all goes well, i will probably try to baby #2 after skye is 1 or 2...i'm 31 years old and my clock is ticking!!

my update:  not much progress...11 days since the loss of my plug and still nothing :-(  i made just a tiny bit of progress at my appt on friday, but not much.  i am 1cm dialated and just 50% effaced.  baby girl is nice and low.  could be any day, could be another week or more!!  i'm continuing to have lots of cramps and contractions, but they don't seem to be getting me anywhere.  tomorrow is the day i predicted i would have her, but i am thinking my guess was wrong!!  watch, i will be overdue!!  anyone else getting any dialation/effacement in??
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I figured I would say something, since this post hasn't gotten too much attention in the past couple days.  :)

I have started to get horrible headaches that I need to lay down with to get rid of.  I feel nausea with them too, but am not getting sick or anything.
Has anyone else had these?

I had a check up today!  13 1/2 weeks along.  The HB is in the 150 bpm range and very strong.  :)  I still almost can't believe there is a baby in there.  
I have my 20 week ultrasound 6 weeks from today!  
Hubby and I've decided that he would find the sex out and then tell me 2 weeks later on our 1 year wedding anniversary.  :D  
I am so excited about that!
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Well, I have bad head aches that can create nausea while being pregnant and not even being pregnant!! I think that it is natural, I am sure if you asked your OB-GYN about it, I know head aches is a common thing during pregnancy!!
Katebud- I am going to guess the gender of your baby and when you find out you can let me know and we'll see if I was right or not;)....
I am going to say its a girl
and Princessaka- I am going to say a boy

All- My poor back is starting to feel the strain of carrying a baby all over again!! It hurts all the time lately. But my baby girl is constantly moving and hubby talks to her and gets to feel her move now and we are all so excited I am finally going to start buying girly things ahh its so exciting shopping for girls=)
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Katebud ~ Yeah I got really really bad headaches in the beginning w/ nausea , They werent like migraines ( not specific to one spot) just an all over ache & laying down was about all that helped , I refused to take anything so I used to get a cold facecloth , put it on my head and just relax , darkness helps too!!.......Its just from all the hormones in your body adjusting & such I think!......YAY for your ultrasound! Thats so exciting! How cute that your gonna wait until your anniversary! Thats a neat idea!.....Im thinking girl for you too!!!

Jamie ~ Im sorry your back hurts! :( Hopefully shes just laying in a weird spot and once she moves you'll get some relief!......Im suprised my back doesnt hurt much these days , it does on & off but I think thats more associated with BH......So exciting to buy girl stuff!!! its all so pink & cute & it seems they always have more girl stuff than boy stuff anywhere ya go! especially when it comes to sales! lol.........Angel is a cute name!....Have you told the boys her name yet?

Krissy~ ?? Where are you?? Your in labor I bet , and you beat me too it!!! lol.....Im jealous! haha!.....If you did have your sweet little Skye , I hope it all went well!.....If your still pregnant , I hope your doing good!!!!

Princess ~ ?? Induction date yet? Or did you go off & have your baby already too?? lol
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katebud-ooo, what a fun way to find out!!  do you have a feeling either way?  i didn't have bad headaches with my pregnancy but my two best friends did.  i just had the throwing up.  i am going to be the opposite of jamie and guess that you are having a boy...only because my 2 best friends had boys and had headaches with them...again, i am often wrong with gender guesses, but that is what i will say :-)

jamie-the girly stuff is so much fun!  have you decided on what you are doing with her nursery yet?

keeks-i'm still here...i'm still pregnant...i think i will be pregnant for a while yet and will probably see my due date come and go...  she just seems pretty content in my tummy!  today is 2 weeks since i lost my plug and nothing!  how are you feeling??  any signs????  
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Awww im glad to see your still here , but im sure your just about ready & done too!!.....I thought you would have gone for sure after your last appt, but you must be making a good cozy little home her! .....Are you tired of people making comments like " your still pregnant" and the like?....I AM! lol.....I cant stand it & im sick of anyone & everyone even making a comment about me "still" being pregnant.......I dont have any signs yet , but im sooo done its not even funny , im miserable , im exhausted , I have a major hate on for my Fiance even though he hasnt done much , I cant help but google everything & anything to do with labor & "how to know" lol.........Are you uncomfortable yet? Hows sleeping going for ya?.....I am sleeping alot more just at smaller invertvals , about an hour or so at a time , I feel sooo groggy though because of it!......Do you still feel Skye moving alot or has she calmed down a bit?.....Rylen has his nights , where he goes nuts and other times where he is calm as can be.....the calm nights make me think this MIGHT be it , but it never is ......I think i'll be pregnant forever!.....Ugh :( I spent so much time making sure he was all safe & comfy in there until this point in my pregnancy & now he doesnt want to come out LOL
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Well, long story short...I lost my mucous plug last week, dilated to 3cm - I KNOW I'm at least a 4 or 5 right now, I have contractions (nothing regular) all the time. Dr said last week that I'm "ready to pop"... did a bunch of tests, decided that delivering Aidan ASAP would be best- they scheduled me for the amnio today- which I had (OWWWW btw) My son did NOT like it. He actually kicked the needle! Dr had said as long as his lungs were mature according to the Amnio he'd be inducing today at 5am. Which is in 1hr and a half. He said that no news is good news about the lungs and since no one told us they were bad we were getting ready to go in. I've been a wreck - up all night, in anticipation.

Well about 10 minutes ago I get a call from a nurse at the hospital- ALL THE BEDS ARE FULL.


So she told me to call back at 8am and see where they stand..so my induction isnt cancelled just pushed back a few hours at this point...

I cant stand this...

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mandy that is so exciting!! i know if we dont hear from you again in the next 24 hours it has all gone ahead. cant wait to hear your story when you come back to us with new bubs. good luck girl.
yes i feel the same as everyone over it and waiting waiting. i am so sick of people calling asking me how i feel and if i have had any twinges. and of course the "oh your still here "is rather annoying too. however i have my date booked in so if i dont go beforehand (i wont) i will be meeting my new little one on monday 1st september. have to be at the hospital at 6.45am to be started at 7. all very exciting and at least i know now so i can count down and stop wondering and waiting. hopefully i can log on a couple of days after as i wil only be in hospital til the wed.
krissyy and keeks i hope you guys go real soon. i understand how you both feel and hope you both keep well for the next while. take care girls!
katebud i am so excited for you it seems to be going so quick but it does for those not going through it. hope you are keeping well and get lots of rest with those headaches and such.
jamie so you think i am having a boy - we will see very soon. i have a feeling too that it is a boy but cant wait to find out. hope your back gets better and not worse the further you get along! have fun shopping..
all those still ttc go for it girls!!!!!
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Keeks- yes hopefully that is the problem!! Plus if I find I do too much it starts to really hurt. But with my boys I was on bedrest from 24 weeks on, so I like to kinda not be laying down too much, because that was boring bedrest was. They say working out helps with labor and what not so I have been doing cardio 5x a week and going to the gym with my mom 2x a week, let me tell you till this day I still don't know how I manage it, but I FIGURED by doing it my back wouldn't hurt as much, but no that is not the case... So how far along are you now? Oh and I heard that for your first ones some women go way over due like 41-42 weeks I hope that is not the case for any of you.

Krissyy- Yes Girly stuff I am excited!! I asked my mom if she would take me to walmart tonight so we could go look at baby stuff. For her Nursery we are going to put up TInkerbell wall sticker things, and for her crib set I have no idea, I wish we could get a tinker bell crib set that would be nice, but maybe I will just find colors that go with the tinkerbell stickers who knows.

Princess- Well at least you have a induction date set those are always handy that way you know if you don't go earlier you will definitely be having baby on that day=)... It will probably be nice to not have sickness any more and just being able to hold baby=)
Yeah I say its a boy, mind you I don't know where that guess came from I just figured it sounds more right if I say boy then girl.

Katebud- I still say girl.... =) hope everything goes well. No matter what the sex of the baby is as long as its healthy that is all that matters=)
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keeks-yes!!!  it's starting to get annoying people saying, "you're still pregnant??"  i'm not even to my due date--still have 10 more days so i really feel pitty on the women that do go overdue!  they must feel like it's never happening!  i will tell you what the most annoying thing is...  i have this friend who is due 8 days AFTER me and loves to remind me that she will probably go way before me any chance she gets.  i am dialated 1cm and 50% effaced, she is 2cm dialated and 80% effaced and is certain she is going any day now.  today she emails me and says, "wouldn't it be funny if you go on my due date and i go on your due date??"  i said, "no, that would not be funny."  i've been sleeping good for the most part, but every now and then i will have nights that i am up every hour just thinking about my baby and when she will come and what life will be like soon, etc.  and i usually wake up every time i roll over because it's a bit of a production.  she has been like rylen...some days not as active and other days a wild woman!  when she slows down, i think..."oh, maybe she will come soon" but then she gets excitable again.  girl, i just have a feeling that you and i will be the last ones to deliver!!!  

mandy-omg!!!  i can't believe it!!  i'm so nervous and excited for you!  i have goosebumps on my legs that are making my hair grow faster, i'm just so excited!  i can't wait to hear all about it!!!  right now you could be holding your little baby boy!!!  oh, i am so jealous!  maybe you are finished all of the pains of labor and snuggling with your little one at this moment...  i look forward to that moment--when i am finally mommy and have labor and delivery behind me!  please post lots of pictures!

princesska-labor on labor day!  you lucky duck!  that is less than a week away...i'm so envious!  my due date is sept.5 and i will probably have her on oct.5th!!  i will be thinking about you on monday!  i can't wait to hear all about it, i am predicting a girl...post pictures :-)

jamie-aw, tinkerbell will be so cute!  you could always do a fairy theme or just do tinkerbell accents and have either plain or shimmery bedding...maybe get some tinkerbell stuffed toys and such for the room.  

update:  today i had the loose poos 2x which is unusual for me so i am hoping that is a sign that it won't be much longer!!  of course, i thought the same thing when my plug popped out 15 days ago!!  i think skyler must have found something else to plug in it's place!!!!
460550 tn?1249846892
Aww thank you for your advice on bedding and stuff I will definitely keep that in mind. Ha yes I did mention today about the getting tinker bell stuffed toys. If I go to the disney store we have here I can get her a few tinker bell stuffed toys=). I don't know we really like tinker bell, and I thought of winnie the pooh, but that is too common, then I thought about princess themes and to me that is to original, and then we both like tinker bell so we thought that was really cool. So even if I can't find anything for tinker bell for crib sets I will definitely get light green and pink crib set hopefully I will be looking around today to get an idea =).

Aww I'm sorry, well at last your not over due yet you still have a few days left to go, she will come when she is ready!! I know that ***** to hear, but maybe if you ask to induce you? or will they not?
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is labor day a holiday for you? do you celebrate it or is it just a day off? i am happy with the date. not long now and 1 more weekend together with hubby before kaos sets in lol. krissyy i know you are going to hate me but all along i have thought you will go last even tho you were first to be pregnant. i think it will be me mon then keeks a few days after then you. hopefully you prove me wrong in the next few days hon. generally over here they will not induce until you are 2 weeks over due especially with your first. unless there are complications or sickness like me. hopefully you dont have to wait that long. but you are healthy and so is your little girl so it is best she decide when to come into the world. she will soon. keeks i had a night like you last night where i was up every hour going to the toilet. aarggghhh i am so tired this morning! jamie your nursery sounds like it is busy being planned - it is so much fun. cant wait to see the photos!!
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jamie-i'm afraid of induction!!  i will have to ask mandy and ash how theirs went...i want to go all natural and i have heard that inductions come on so quickly and the pain isn't as gradual making it pretty overwhelming.  i won't panic till sept. 6, the day after my due date.  then i will start to worry. pink and green will be so pretty!  i'm excited to see pictures of your nursery when you are finished.  do you have furniture yet or are you able to use one of the boy's cribs?

princesska-oh that's right, i guess labor day is an american holiday.  bad girl!!!  are you the one who jinxed me to be last??  i definitely don't want to be induced.  i guess she will come when she is good and ready!!  she is definitely a woman ;-)
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Mason is now 2 weeks old and eating like a cow. He goes for his 2 week check up tomorrow. Nothing like taking a newborn and a 4 yr old to dr with no help.

Im so excited that everyone is starting to have there bundles of joy, i cant wait to hear the stories and see the pics!!!!
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Mandy ~ Awwwww im so jealous! I bet your holding your sweet little Aiden right now! Congrats hun! Hope everything went well! :) Hopefully when your up for it you'll post an update & some pics! :)

Princess ~ Oh man you must be getting excited! The 1st is sooo soon! YAY! How exciting!!.....I sooo wanna say your having a boy but I really kinda think its a girl , Skye needs at least one girlfriend , poor thing is surrounded by boys! lol.......I cant wait to hear how everything goes for you too!

Krissy ~ I think your gonna go before me for sure , I have like NO signs still & its ANNOYING! lol......I hope everything goes the way you planned too and hopefully if little miss Skye makes her appearance in the next few days you'll still get to enjoy your Labor Day festivites & food that your so in love with hehe!!!!

Jamie ~ I looove the idea for the Tinkerbelle theme , you can actually get a tinkerbelle crib/toddler bed set on Ebay , I seen it last nite , I'll find the link & post it for ya! It didnt look like it had bumper pads but it had the cute little quilt & stuff , and it fit a standard crib mattress so it would be perfect!!.....With the Canadian Dollar so high too its not too expensive these days to get stuff off Ebay......I know home depto has TONS more Tinkerbelle stuff than Walmart , at least where I live , They have like little pixie dust star stickers & things like that , SUPER cute  & even if you dont get a Tinkerbelle Crib set , you could always do like a purple quilt & green accents & then get like a fleecey Tinkerbelle throw to put on the bed....Seeee I soooo need a girl LOL.....Im so excited for you!!

Ash ~ awww glad to hear you & Mason are doing well hun!....2 weeks already OMG , the time goes by too fast once their born :(.....Hope his checkup goes well! Update with pics soon hun!

UPDATE ~ welll , I hate everything & im sooooo done being pregnant its not even funny , I am sick of not sleeping , im sick of not being able to walk , I hate sex but im using it to try to get labor started even though its NOT fun at this stage in pregnancy , Im miserable , I cry over EVERYTHING lol....Im just a big giant ball of miserableness & I hate it!.........I feel TERRIBLE for my Fiance because hes doing his best to make me feel better but its not working , I left my doctors appt in tears today cause im just SO fed up & my doctor doesnt seem to care.....The baby has dropped so low that now even my maternity pants dont fit , because they dont sit high enough to cover the band part & none of my shirts are long enough to make it work....so I cry getting dressed LOL....My doctor told me to get the Red Raspberry Leaf tea but not to take it for at least another week , I dont care , im getting some tommorow and im gonna slowly start drinking it over the next few days , start out with one glass & keep increasing until Labor starts , and if that doesnt work well I dont know what i'll do....cry I suppose.....I've already tried everything else , sex doesnt work , 4X4 doesnt work , relaxing doesnt work LOL....So here's hoping the tea does or my poor Fiance might leave me LOL
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