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BABY DUST 6 ~ Extra Super Sticky

Well , once again our main thread is getting full & hard to load , so I figured the time has come to start yet another chapter!.....Weird to think that this will probably be the thread some of us start talking about our birth experiences & posting actual baby pictures instead of tummy ones! and for others , its the start of a milestone! The 2nd trimester! YAY!

Quick Update ~ Doctors appt today went okay , head is down & engaged & im about 60% effaced but cervix is still closed , My doctor is gone until next Tuesday so as much as I want him out now im kinda scared without her there ..... Baby is like majorly active right now , but on the bright side I had a decent sleep last night so maybe that means things are calming down & i'll get some rest before baby comes!......Next appt is Wednesday unless something changes!

Any baby updates? Ash? Hope your doing well & enjoying your adorable little boy!

Princess sounds like your ready to go anytime now too! Good thing me you & Krissy dont live close or have to go to the same hospital , be a fight to see who gets the best delivery room LOL......Its amazing to think our babies will all be so close , its awesome we've got to share so much about pregnancy & then next the newborn stage!!!
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Well had my doctors appointment today and heard babies heart beat and it was 148 so that is good news, and my weight gain is fine too I think.
Hate seeing the weight thing being at almost 150 I'm used to being 120 but oh well... Baby was measuring 22wks and 1 day time of ultra sound so that put me to 23 wks and 1 day today.
My back is bloody well killing me though lately
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hey everyone check out my photos of my nursery!!
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Aww your nursery is very cute=)
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Princess ~ Awww your nursery is adorable! I love love love the animals! Its so sweet!!.....Thats perfect for a boy or girl!.....What theme is your girls room??.......You've gotta be getting excited! you find out your induction date soon dont you?.....Are you feeling any better the last few days??

Jamie ~ Oh dude dont even go there with the weight gain! LOL.....I have yet to look at the scale , I know its under 30lbs but still , its horrible & one week the scale said I had lost 5lbs , the next time , not even a week later said I had gained 10lbs , so they are convinced their scales are off , but still NOT COOL! lol.....I wanted to cry haha.....Did you lose the baby weight easily after the twins? They do say with girls you tend to gain more & carry it alot differently , but if you had no problems with twins , a girl shouldnt do too much to your figure! lol

Do you guys have Thyme Maternity in the U.S? I am thinking Jamie you probably have it in Edmonton....I got thee best nursing pillow there yesterday! Its one of those super soft & comfy ones , not like the horrible "jolly jumper" brand that are hard and boomberange shaped , & the best part its CHEAP! lol , I seen the same pillow ( just different brand) in The Bay & a specality kids store for $70 , I paid $30 & mine has a washable cover , the others didnt.....Its comfy to use even without the baby but probably my new favourtie buy besides my Diaper Bag lol......If you dont have a nursing pillow yet I HIGHLY recommend it!!!!

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princesska-your nursery is cute...my friend that is due a week after me is also doing a jungle theme (she doesn't know the gender either).  it's really cute...she did stencils on the wall...primary colors like yours :-)

keeks-you are right!  this will be the post that we tell our birthing stories!  oh so exciting!!!  i'm glad to know that you will continue to come on and discuss newborns and keep up with everyone.  i plan to stick with the site after baby also...and maybe in a year or two, we will be requesting baby dust again for our next rounds :-)  how many do you plan to have?  i hope to stop at 2!!

jamie-you don't look 150 at all...  :-)

nursing pillow-i got one in the U.S....it's like the boppy but hooks around the waist...it's called "my breast friend."  hehe.  
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Not too sure if we will have more , I want more by all means , but it depends what it would mean for the pregnancy because of the issues this time around , It would be alot more difficult to go through the complications with a little one at home to worry about as well , and I would only hope my cervix would stay long enough to carry to term again , which who knows because apparently the cervix gets shorter sooner the more times your pregnant , which might be a concern , but I would like to have at least 2 , I want a girl!......We'll probably talk about it once Rylen is 3-4 , at least then hes old enough to understand & will be in pre-k or Kindergarden which makes it easier!.....Ya never know though I suppose! lol......Have you thought about Birth Control methods after Skye's born? I dont know what to do lol , Im thinking IUD cause I dont really trust the pill & I cant imagine having to remember to take a pill while dealing with a new baby , but I dont know much about IUD's either so I gotta look into that! lol
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