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hi girls,

i hope you made the switch with me...we will have to do this every now and then on our big conversation threads to keep things from getting too long and slow to load...  to the new girls, you can also just post random questions by clicking on post a question and you will get answers that way too!  i am sure you've probably already scanned thru medhelp and created profiles etc so this is probably old news to you :-)  

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Hey jamie,

That is kinda cool that we are both in Edmonton. if my blood test is positive (crossing fingers) I will need to get an obgyn. do you have you would recommend, or do I need a referral from my regular doctor? I have heard great things about the grey nuns so i would like to have a doctor that delivers there. but i have also thought about going the midwife route, i know at stony plain hospital they have a midwife ward attached to the hospital. I am scared though i have a very low pain tolerance and may want the epidural.

Lynzieloo- they say results will come in today or tomorrow., i think i will lose my mind if its tomorrow!

Everyone- what are your thoughts on the midwife thing? are any of you going that route or have in the past? I was thinking of water birth....if i am pregnant!
have you guys had good experiances in the hospital? Both my aunte and sister in law recently gave birth and asked to NOT have the vitamin k shot given, they had both read that it is unneccesary and contains glucose. Both babies are perfectly healthy without it. I beleive midwifes dont even do it at all. any opinions or advice is great!

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I had my twin boys at the Grey nuns actually. There are tons of obgyns and what not. I went with Dr. Mcubin, I don't know if they need to referral. I am sure they can give you names of different obgyns. I have never tried a midwife way, but the epidural is great it really is. I don't know why people choose not to use it, because if you have that option sometimes its safer to. I was only in labor for 5 hours and it only took 10-15 minutes to push the boys out, and I was soo frozen I couldn't feel anything. But the last 30 minutes before I started pushing was rough, the pain went straight to my legs. But it all depends on your pain tolerance. I wanted to do it with out the epidural, but I got scared and plus with twins they recommended that I take the epidural in case of emergency c-section. To me I am nervous of surgery. Well I hope your test comes back positive. Definitely wish you the best of luck for that. Water births might be nice, they may be a little relaxing..... or maybe not I don't know.
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Krissy thanks for starting a new thread :) I thought about doing that last night when the other was getting slow to load LOL

WOW your both from Edmonton! COOL!.....Im not far from you guys , in BC :)

This is my 1st pregnancy but I am choosing to go natural and with my regular family doctor who is also an OB.....Im just setting my mind to the fact that I can do it naturally , and I believe I can......its alot of mind over matter I think , any pain is really.....and for me , im okay with pain as long as its not like a cut with blood.....if I can SEE the pain then I freak out lol.....but who knows I could be totaly delusional and go for the epidural when the time comes :P

************************* BABY DUST****************************
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Hello All.
Guess I'm the only Canadian out East.  I'm in Toronto.
Well, status update.  
I was due for AF today.  Of course it was the longest day of my life :)  I was waiting for AF to appear all day and so far nothing.   Soooooooo that prompted me to test this evening when I got home from work.  And it was a big BFN.
Can't say I was surprised seeing as I haven't even technically missed AF yet.  But there was a part of me yelling and screaming and cheering my pee on as I tested :)
I'm a little upset right now but know that there is still some hope and that I could test positive later this week if I continue to miss AF.  So hope is not lost quite yet.

krissyy- thanks for your comments.  It is hard going through this alone especially considering my husband just doesn't quite get it when I get AF each month and become upset about it.  He is a big believer in "it will happen when it is meant to happen"  Drives me CRAZY :)

Thanks once again to all of the ladies of this forum.  It has been instrumental in keeping me sane the past few days.  T
Will update again soon when I test again or get AF.  

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I am jealous, you are are from nearby eachother!  :) (not really, but I am glad for you guys up there in Canada)...lonely old NE, USA for me.  :D  I have other ttcer's here with me, so it's not too bad.  
I just need to state again, I LOVE our forum   :D

I feel unusually happy, perhaps it's b/c babies and bfp's seem to be popping up everywhere...and it's WARM outside, for the first time this spring!!!!!!!!!!!  
I am sure all the customers who have little ones or are prego think I am very strange when my eyes light up when I see them...  hahahaha....dippy things warmer weather can do to one.
So I get to test on the 25th or so...my luteal phase is LOOOOOOONG!  (I use mymonthlycycles.com)

Hkenny- Whenever I find out if I am prego or not, I am going to use the same woman who delivered me, whom I think is just a regular obgyn Dr.  I would love to use a midwife at somepoint in my reproductive life however.  And I think a water birth would be pretty cool too (except I've heard it's very messy-but what birth isn't?)  ;)  
Would you want to give birth at a birthing centre, hospital, or at home with a midwife?  
For me, I think a home birth would be wicked cool, but yeah, definetly not to that point yet.
Love to all :)
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hkenny.... i have a fre friends who used midwives and loved it! i also have one friend who recently had a home birth an said that it was the best birthing experience she has had, and she has 2 other kids. i however, had my daughter in the hospital, and my husband is in the military, so it was a military hospital, so i dunno if that is different from  civilian hospital as far as how they run things, but i enjoyed my experience.... i think it depends on what dr and nurses you get nd if they have had a bad day! LoL  hoping you get your test results ASAP!!!  still crossing my fingers for you 8) * sending baby dust your way!*

lookalike....  dont be discouraged by your bfn, i have heard of people who have had bfns until they were 2 or more weeks past af... so keep hope up and go to the dr and take a blood test if you just cant wait for another week before a pee test! good luck! *Lots and Lots of Baby dust your way *

keeks.... how is your pregnancy going so far? i see you little ultrasound pic, it is too cute!!! when can you find out what the sex is? or do you already know???? *sending happy baby vibes your way!*

all..... i had a surprisingly easy day today, no stress about testing or whether or not im pregnant, just a real nice day. (hoping the rest of this week goes by as smoothly) thinking i am going to test on saturday morning with first morning urne, but i may wait another day or two if i can hold off.... i m hoping this is my month, and a christmas baby would just be SO exciting!!! but i also need to realize that when it is my time, it will happen! so hope you all have the same sense of calm that i suddenly came across today and i wish you all luck and happy babies! xoxoxoxo p.s. this forum has been what has helped me through this 2ww as well, and i want to thank you all for your positive attitudes and loads of support and sweetness! love you all!!!!! 8)
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Well I went to the doctors today and he told me that you can be pregnant and take a test and it comes back negative, but never the other way around does it say positive and actually your not pregnant.
But I think we all know that.
Rough estimate of my due date is December 18th. Expensive month my twins were born on the 1st.

All- I hope that all of you who are still waiting to test or ttc have lots of luck. I know everyone where I am seems to be pregnant or having babies, and it gets frustrating especially when your trying and no results.
So I hope all the best to you all.
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I swear so many people I know are pregnant or having babies , I have 4 girlfriends and were all due within weeks of eachother.....im terrified when I go into labour its gonna be like maternity ward overload with all the people who seem to be due around the same time as me LOL.....When my cousin had her daughter , they had women labouring in the halls they were so busy.....Scary! lol....

Lynzie , I think your right in the saying " it will happen when its meant to happen"........Im due on my birthday , which is totaly bizzare yet so exciting! and to me a sign of fate , that it was kind of meant to be......and even if its not born on my birthday , 2 days later is my Uncles birthday who passed away , so for my family it would be an even greater gift.....so it just seems like really perfect timing.....and we have been planning a trip back to east to where my Fiance's family is , and we wanted to go when the baby was about 6 weeks old so that they would get sometime to spend with the baby as a newborn and get to know it.....and its worked out perfect , we will be here to spend christmas with my family , but his family is going to get to spend an entire month with the baby in November!..............Im 18 weeks , and im loving every minute! :).....We dont know the gender and we arent going to find out! We decided to be suprised :) I think its a girl though , Fiance thinks its a boy LOL...go figure :P......Yeah my little ultrasound pic was @14 weeks , im getting another Ultrasound tommorow....My "20" week one ....Im super excited! and its the first ultrasound that my Fiance is home for! so hes even more excited than me lol :)....Thanks for asking :)

.......I think Christmas babies are amazing!! so im totaly crossing my fingers & toes for all your ladies who are hoping to be expecting christmas babies!!!!!......The New Years Baby Dust was sticky for us other ladies , so im sure the christmas baby dust is gonna be extra sticky! ;) lol

Katebud! Im sooooo hoping you get your BFP soon! You desereve it so much hun!! :)....Just keep your head up and know were all here for you!!!.....Im sure with all these other new TTC Ladies the baby dust is going to be FLYING! :)

Lookalike , sorry you got a BFN :( But Im sure it was just early!!  Im sure if you wait a few days or so , im sure you'll get the result your looking for :)......Just try to enjoy the weather and go about your days , HARD I know! lol......I used to hate hearing that when I was TTC " Take your mind off it"....YEAH RIGHT like that actually happens , but its really the only words of support you can offer in the waiting game that is an HPT! LOL

Krissy , how was your workout DVD?.....How often do you use it?.....My girlfriend & I joined a pre-natal pilates class at the arena pool , the class is an hour and a half and then we usually swim for an hour before.....Its amazing!!.....I love it!.....I try to go to the gym if I can , and ride the bike or use the treadmill just to get moving , the weather is alot nicer here though so I am trying to get out for walks and stuff.......Im terrified im gonna be over 200lbs before I even hit 9 mths LOL

Jamie , Congrats again on your BFP! 3 december birthdays & christmas! WOW thats alot lol!.....But at least its all over in one shot LOL.....Let us know how your next ob appt goes :) Are you wanting twins again?
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lol twins again.... umm sure I do. It has its ups and downs definitely. But watching them interact is great. Plus they now play/fight with each other. Its nights like this though that kids can be stressful. Been up since 11:30pm with one of them he won't stop throwing up, and since he won't drink water for me he continues to just dry heave, so not much sleep considering its not 6:30am. But yes twins would be nice especially if they are girls. Or even if its one I hope its a girl. I'm out numbered 3-1 here so lol it would be nice.
Swimming must be nice while your pregnant. Helps with feeling a little lighter I heard.
Working out is also healthy for the baby I heard, so that is good.
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I am freaking out right now. I just called the clinc to inquire about my test results and the receptionist was like "we only call back on positive results" WTF does that mean???
she didnt ask me who I was or anything, all she added was that I could come in with id and get shown the results. I feel like crying, I am so sure I am pregnant and now I am 2nd guessing myself. Has anyone ever had this happen before?
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i am so sorry, you are going through such a mess!!!!  i haven't ever heard of them not telling you your results over the phone, and also i have never heard of them only calling back for positive results... they should call everyone and let them know what there results are regardless....  when was the last time you took a hpt??  maybe you should buy a cheapo early result one and try it again....  if not id be down there with my id to see what the results were just for peace of mind... because you will always wonder! best of luck!
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Thank you for easing my mind! I feel like crying, I am going there right after work to see them. The blood clinic told me they would call regardless. i havent done an hpt since sunday morning, I have a test at home so I will be doing it tomorrow morning. I just feel like maybe I really was wrong, I havent really had syptoms today, cm has turned more white and sticky, before it was clear and stretchy, and no abdominal pain since yesterday either. I just dont know what I will do if it really is negative. My husband is finally getting excited and I fear that if I am not he will go back to not wanting to get pregnant. This is so stressful! My sister in law and mom are excting too, everyone keeps asking if I have heard yet. I still dont have my period and I dont have any syptoms associated with it. Could I miss it or it be really late b/c I am stressed out?
I really dont know what I would do with out you guys! It makes things easier somehow to talk with people who have or are experiancing the same thing.
I just pray that I am pregnant!!

thanks again girls! You are all a God send to me.
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