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Baby Dust 14

Well im glad to say we can start this new topic with a new arrival! Congrats Heidi on your little girl! :) We are all SO excited to hear all the details & see pics! Im sure shes adorable!!!!!!

Joyce ~ Your next!!! Now much longer now at all ....How exciting!!!!!! Hows everything going these days? Any luck on finding out the gender?.....My prediction is its a girl! But a little boy would be cute too!!....Are you getting nervous about bringing a new baby home or more excited??.....Are your other kids exciting for the baby??

Jamie ~ I love the new pics you posted on Facebook! Your little ones are all so adorable!!! The twins sure look alot like your hubby!!!! They are too cute!....Little miss Angel is getting so big , she looks alot like the twins too!!......Hows potting training going? Still good I hope??......Hows your weather in there latley? I feel like we've been living under a rain cloud for weeks :(

Krissy ~ I dont know if you'll see this anytime soon but im always wondering how your doing :) The pics of Skye on facebook are too adorable! Shes gonna be a little heartbreaker for sure!!!!!!....Hows Skye doing with teething??

Kati ~ Where are you? Busy with Daniel im sure :) Love to hear an update on how things are going and how little Daniel is growing :) Hope your enjoying mommy hood :)

Princess ~ How is everything going with you & your family since the fires??....I hope all is well :) Your kiddos are sweethearts too! I love looking at all your pics! Your new puppy sure is cute omg! I bet the girls just love him! What does Ollie think of him?...Is he good with him?....We want to get Rylen a puppy but might wait until next year when we buy a house instead....he LOVES dogs though.....Hows Ollie doing? Any teeth yet or anything?

Quick Update ~ Things here are going good , weather ***** so its been a bit harder to get out & go for walks & such....we've been having alot of inside days LOL.....Rylens 2 bottom teeth are finally through ,but I think hes getting his top ones now , so were back to being miserable all the time :( Hes started to sleep through the night again thank goodness though!!.....Hes quite the character , talks ALL the time , he doesnt shut up lol.....he experiments with his voice and talks really high & then raspy , its so funny!.......Ive started on anti-depressents which im having mixed feelings about , but I know its a good thing , Ive only been on them a week & feel a bit better , Fiance says he even notices a change , so thats good , at least they are doing their job I guess......Other than nothings really new with us , just waiting for Summer to come LOL

Hope everyone is doing well ;) Would love to hear some updates from everyone :)
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keeks... thanks for the update and new thread... yeah it is getting close... as of right now, i have 19 days til my c-section. and i am excited, but there is soooo much going on that i am a bit nervous as to HOW i am gonna get everything done. i am going to my appt on friday, will have a ultrasound and hopefully they will take a look with the 3D and see for sure what it is... i had a dream last night that they did a 3D and it was a girl AND a boy... ugh twins.  i really dont have a clue but i would think that if i were having twins that i would be twice the size i am now... AND at 32 weeks just ONE baby probably would NOT have been weighing almost 5lbs.... lol since twins are a bit smaller than a single... or so i have heard.. lmao

the baby will be 6 days early according to my pregnancy tracker... so it's all good... lol
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Keeks- LOL yes, I don't know... guess its all on whose looking at the boys, some say they both look like my husband, some say they look like me, alot of others say Gabriel looks like me, and Jake looks like his dad. Angel definitly is a mix of the two. Unfortunately her nick name is yoda because of her ears and her little hair on her head. But that is okay she will grow into her ears and she is super cute regardless... She is a super happy baby, she will always have smiles for people doesn't really fuss unless she is really tired or hungry. Potty training is amazing Gabriel has gotten potty training down and I don't have to worry about having to put him on every couple of hours, he will come tell me when he has to go, or if he is too busy playing and I see him grabbing himself in the front or back I know I need to put him on the potty then, but like I said I don't really need to worry about him too much. On a second note, Jake is going to be my hardest one of my kids so far to train. He now hides behind the couch when he needs to poop and so when I catch that he is behind there I WILL quickly try to get him on the potty, but he notices that is my intention and then he will hurry up and poop before I can get him on....frustrating really.

Aww don't worry kids one minute you think they are down on a good schedule with sleeping through the night and then something else happens. I know my kids were late when it came to sleeping through the night, just after Angel was born they started sleeping through thank goodness.. I could not imagine waking up for 3 kids in the middle of the night I mise well not even sleep really. My boys were late teethers, but they both got their teeth within one week I think Gabriel had gotten 5 in one week and it was a tough week. Angel has been teething since day one, her bottom tooth has finally broken through and is coming up and she continues to teeth... not easy having a 2-5 month old baby teething.

Joyce- I hope they figure out a gender for you soon. That would be annoying for sure. Well, believe it or not there is a lady who had twins that were 8 pounds each.... man I couldn't imagine carrying that around. My boys were 6 pounds 3 ounces each and I just wouldn't want them to be any bigger really. Good luck to you!! Hope you figure out everything before baby comes
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Hey ladies,

I will post her birth story soon. I am pretty tired right now, i did post it on the may mommy forum if you want to read it, but dont post comments on there as they dont want the thread to get to long.
Brielle Grace was born May 11th....1 day before my due date. Water broke at 5am and she was born at 1:02pm. No epidural for me since it happened so fast...will get to that later.:)   She was 6 pounds 8 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long.I did post pics too.
Hope everyone is doing well!
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ok i went to my doc appt today... i am 36wks 6days... and had my ultrasound... it is definately a BOY... and estimated weight is now at 7lb 13oz... they are talking about doing my csection May 28 instead of June 1... not because of size, but because there are like 3-4 OTHER csections on the 1st...lol

just wanted to update... everything looks good, i have ALOT of fluid which would explain why i am HUGE and why i have been gaining so much weight...lol... 13lbs in 3 weeks..ugh.. totalling almost 45 lbs now.
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aww a boy!! Joyce that is awesome!! Boys are fun too, but I wanted a girl because I have two boys already and I wanted to experience having a little girl to do girl things with. Granted I am looking forwards to being a soccer mom though!! I was pretty athletic growing up, and still am. So I am really looking forwards to soccer and sports and dancing for Angel.

Good luck to you!!
Man that is a big baby your carrying girl!! holy man.
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yeah tell me about it... and my hernia is feeling it too... makes it feel sooo heavy.  i am hoping when they do the hernia repair that they can "trim a little off the top"...lmao the nice little "apron" that i have aquired through time and kids...lol

will definately let everyone know any updates.. am having lots of BH the last few days.. good sign i hope.. i want to go into labor on my own even though they wont let me labor and deliver... at least it will be done sooner... lol
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