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Baby Dust 14

Well im glad to say we can start this new topic with a new arrival! Congrats Heidi on your little girl! :) We are all SO excited to hear all the details & see pics! Im sure shes adorable!!!!!!

Joyce ~ Your next!!! Now much longer now at all ....How exciting!!!!!! Hows everything going these days? Any luck on finding out the gender?.....My prediction is its a girl! But a little boy would be cute too!!....Are you getting nervous about bringing a new baby home or more excited??.....Are your other kids exciting for the baby??

Jamie ~ I love the new pics you posted on Facebook! Your little ones are all so adorable!!! The twins sure look alot like your hubby!!!! They are too cute!....Little miss Angel is getting so big , she looks alot like the twins too!!......Hows potting training going? Still good I hope??......Hows your weather in there latley? I feel like we've been living under a rain cloud for weeks :(

Krissy ~ I dont know if you'll see this anytime soon but im always wondering how your doing :) The pics of Skye on facebook are too adorable! Shes gonna be a little heartbreaker for sure!!!!!!....Hows Skye doing with teething??

Kati ~ Where are you? Busy with Daniel im sure :) Love to hear an update on how things are going and how little Daniel is growing :) Hope your enjoying mommy hood :)

Princess ~ How is everything going with you & your family since the fires??....I hope all is well :) Your kiddos are sweethearts too! I love looking at all your pics! Your new puppy sure is cute omg! I bet the girls just love him! What does Ollie think of him?...Is he good with him?....We want to get Rylen a puppy but might wait until next year when we buy a house instead....he LOVES dogs though.....Hows Ollie doing? Any teeth yet or anything?

Quick Update ~ Things here are going good , weather ***** so its been a bit harder to get out & go for walks & such....we've been having alot of inside days LOL.....Rylens 2 bottom teeth are finally through ,but I think hes getting his top ones now , so were back to being miserable all the time :( Hes started to sleep through the night again thank goodness though!!.....Hes quite the character , talks ALL the time , he doesnt shut up lol.....he experiments with his voice and talks really high & then raspy , its so funny!.......Ive started on anti-depressents which im having mixed feelings about , but I know its a good thing , Ive only been on them a week & feel a bit better , Fiance says he even notices a change , so thats good , at least they are doing their job I guess......Other than nothings really new with us , just waiting for Summer to come LOL

Hope everyone is doing well ;) Would love to hear some updates from everyone :)
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keeks... thanks for the update and new thread... yeah it is getting close... as of right now, i have 19 days til my c-section. and i am excited, but there is soooo much going on that i am a bit nervous as to HOW i am gonna get everything done. i am going to my appt on friday, will have a ultrasound and hopefully they will take a look with the 3D and see for sure what it is... i had a dream last night that they did a 3D and it was a girl AND a boy... ugh twins.  i really dont have a clue but i would think that if i were having twins that i would be twice the size i am now... AND at 32 weeks just ONE baby probably would NOT have been weighing almost 5lbs.... lol since twins are a bit smaller than a single... or so i have heard.. lmao

the baby will be 6 days early according to my pregnancy tracker... so it's all good... lol
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Keeks- LOL yes, I don't know... guess its all on whose looking at the boys, some say they both look like my husband, some say they look like me, alot of others say Gabriel looks like me, and Jake looks like his dad. Angel definitly is a mix of the two. Unfortunately her nick name is yoda because of her ears and her little hair on her head. But that is okay she will grow into her ears and she is super cute regardless... She is a super happy baby, she will always have smiles for people doesn't really fuss unless she is really tired or hungry. Potty training is amazing Gabriel has gotten potty training down and I don't have to worry about having to put him on every couple of hours, he will come tell me when he has to go, or if he is too busy playing and I see him grabbing himself in the front or back I know I need to put him on the potty then, but like I said I don't really need to worry about him too much. On a second note, Jake is going to be my hardest one of my kids so far to train. He now hides behind the couch when he needs to poop and so when I catch that he is behind there I WILL quickly try to get him on the potty, but he notices that is my intention and then he will hurry up and poop before I can get him on....frustrating really.

Aww don't worry kids one minute you think they are down on a good schedule with sleeping through the night and then something else happens. I know my kids were late when it came to sleeping through the night, just after Angel was born they started sleeping through thank goodness.. I could not imagine waking up for 3 kids in the middle of the night I mise well not even sleep really. My boys were late teethers, but they both got their teeth within one week I think Gabriel had gotten 5 in one week and it was a tough week. Angel has been teething since day one, her bottom tooth has finally broken through and is coming up and she continues to teeth... not easy having a 2-5 month old baby teething.

Joyce- I hope they figure out a gender for you soon. That would be annoying for sure. Well, believe it or not there is a lady who had twins that were 8 pounds each.... man I couldn't imagine carrying that around. My boys were 6 pounds 3 ounces each and I just wouldn't want them to be any bigger really. Good luck to you!! Hope you figure out everything before baby comes
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Hey ladies,

I will post her birth story soon. I am pretty tired right now, i did post it on the may mommy forum if you want to read it, but dont post comments on there as they dont want the thread to get to long.
Brielle Grace was born May 11th....1 day before my due date. Water broke at 5am and she was born at 1:02pm. No epidural for me since it happened so fast...will get to that later.:)   She was 6 pounds 8 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long.I did post pics too.
Hope everyone is doing well!
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ok i went to my doc appt today... i am 36wks 6days... and had my ultrasound... it is definately a BOY... and estimated weight is now at 7lb 13oz... they are talking about doing my csection May 28 instead of June 1... not because of size, but because there are like 3-4 OTHER csections on the 1st...lol

just wanted to update... everything looks good, i have ALOT of fluid which would explain why i am HUGE and why i have been gaining so much weight...lol... 13lbs in 3 weeks..ugh.. totalling almost 45 lbs now.
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aww a boy!! Joyce that is awesome!! Boys are fun too, but I wanted a girl because I have two boys already and I wanted to experience having a little girl to do girl things with. Granted I am looking forwards to being a soccer mom though!! I was pretty athletic growing up, and still am. So I am really looking forwards to soccer and sports and dancing for Angel.

Good luck to you!!
Man that is a big baby your carrying girl!! holy man.
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yeah tell me about it... and my hernia is feeling it too... makes it feel sooo heavy.  i am hoping when they do the hernia repair that they can "trim a little off the top"...lmao the nice little "apron" that i have aquired through time and kids...lol

will definately let everyone know any updates.. am having lots of BH the last few days.. good sign i hope.. i want to go into labor on my own even though they wont let me labor and deliver... at least it will be done sooner... lol
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Joyce- wow a boy! congrats! Hopefully you can take back the pink carseat.

I copied and am pasting this from the other forum so you guys can read my birth story!

I was having some period like cramps sunday but really didnt think much of it. It seemed they were coming when I was standing up or doing something...like dishes. They were uncomfortable but nothing to bad. Went to bed thinking nothing of them. Didnt sleep to well, had to get up to pee alot. At about 5am I went to roll outta bed to pee and my water broke, I think I really did know but didnt want to get to ahead of myself. Told hubby,called my mom and called my mil who was going to be taking a 3 1/2 hr drive to be with us in the delivery room as a coach.  I told hubby to sleep and I would wake him when I felt it was getting closer.Woke Connor about 7:30 and he got me out the door pretty fast as he found i was contracting every 5-6 minutes. Contractions started about 7;00-7:30 am but honestly at the time I dont think I was counting them as contractions,but Connor sure was! Got to the hospital about 9:30 and got admitted. When they checked me I was 2 cm.......I told the nurse right away I wanted an epidural and she said they would call for it when I reached 3-4 cm. I figured with the contractions as 4 minutes apart that woudlnt be to long, they said usually its 1 cm an hour.
was having some pretty intense contractions and they checked me again at 11:45. I was still only 2cm but fully effaced. I was pretty upset as at this point I wanted that epidural!! I was crying and hubby and my mom gave me some strength to keep going. My nurses told me they wanted me to try the shower for pain and they were going for lunch,they were told by my dr to give me some oxitocin i think to get me dialting. i was mad about that too b/c they said it would make my contractions worse. so hubby and i got into the shower, it was pretty good for pain. although my contractions got INTENSE> i kept moving around, going on all 4's,standing,sitting in the sitz bath. Hubby said it seemed like i was trying anything to relieve the pain. a nurse came in to check babies heatrate, so i had to get out. I kept telling her i had to poo and kept sitting on the toilet. i was pretty vocal at that point that i couldnt do it anymore and that i really wanted an epidural.so that nurse said she wanted to get another nurse, this one asked me if i had ever felt that pressure before i said no. she pretty well ripped my outta that bathroom onto the bed. checked me( i dont even remember) and said i was fully dilated and ready to push!! at that point i lost it i was so not ready for that! i was 2 cm 30 minutes prior. all of a sudden there were nurses everywhere, my legs were getting pushed up and pulled apart, hubby asked where the dr was. it was CRAZY. i kept saying i have to push and i was but she was crowning so kept closing my legs.... somehow it felt better. dr came and said pull your legs up your baby is right there. connor said he could see her hair. i was in shock!! my friend who happened to still be there peeked her head in saw what was going on (she heard me screaming...) saw Connors white face and rushed in to keep Connor standing! he got her to call his mom who was still not there. luckily she was in the parking lot. dr gave me a streen look at said she is rigth there now pull your legs up, she instructed mil who just got there and Connor to pull up a leg each.she said 1 push and she will be here. i said you promise! she said yes. i was still in complete shock that i was happening so fast. 1 good push and seriously out she flew!
Brielle Grace was 6 pounds 8 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long.. She was born at 1:02pm. my mother in laws parking pass said 12:48pm. she just made it. my nurses came back from lunch and i had had her. they were only gone for 30 minutes. so from gettting into the shower to her being out was maybe 35 minutes.
my bp was high and i was toxic so i stayed till the 12th at 8pm. i am on blood pressure meds. all in all it was good......and fast! i am pretty shocked that i did it with no epidraul but really i did not have a choice.all my freinds and family are shocked too since they know i have NO pain tolerance. oh ya i got a bit of a cut, but only 3 stitches.
Breast feeding is going well, she can suck pretty hard. I already have a bit of bleeding on my nipples. I am so happy she is here. Hubby is too and he is pretty proud of me.
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great story hkenny...... so glad that all in all everything went well. and that your lil Breille is here...

time is coming close... to look at it as this.... next thursday i will have a baby... is mind boggling.  that is if my doc is able to up my section.. other wise it will be 2 weeks from today...lol  which is still crazy close.

i posted a recent belly shot as well as the gender u/s pic so let me know what you all think... as i said as far as the gender pic, there is NO DENYING that it is a boy...lol
i still cant believe how upset my 14 yr old is though that she is having another brother...lol

my next appt is wednesday and apparently i will be having a NST... my guess is cause i have a high level of fluid, but doc doesnt seem too worried about it, as the u/s have looked good. so i dont know.. anyhow it seems like i am gonna have a very BIG BOY in a couple of weeks... i'll keep ya posted.
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Hope everything goes well with you and your appointment. Planning to post new pictures up soon, but I got a new profile picture of Angel and man she has to be the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen... mind you I am probably biased =S lol all parents are I think. Her dad is already making comments on buying a gun and electric fencing to keep the boys out when she is older... my poor baby girl has to worry about her dad and her two older brothers when her dating years start.
She is 5 months now and I just can't believe it, and she is getting so big and cute every single day and almost crawling. She is going through a teething period and it is nasty and she is up constantly at night and screaming fits, but I guess that is the joy of an early teether
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well i ended up going into doc office yesterday, cause i THOUGHT that my water had broken... well it had NOT, apparently i was so exhausted that i slept through the urge to get up and my bladder let loose (how embarrassing)...  anyhow they went ahead and did my NST as well and baby is doing fine... going from 134 heartrate to 156 with movement... i guess that is normal.

anyhow they bumped my csection up... it is now gonna be May 28th... i have to report to the hospital at 5:30 AM and i should be in surgery by 8AM... too cool.

i will have this lil boy in 9 days now... sooo exciting

it is sooo great that Angel is starting to crawl and YES teething really bites (no pun intended) my daughter had her 1st 2 teeth at 4 months and i wish that she would have waited sometimes. but she seems to have really good teeth now that she is 14 so that is good. the last couple of years at the dentist she hasnt had one single cavity... and getting her to brush is literally like pulling teeth...lol

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Yes, teething does bite!! I am 22 and still no cavity thank heavens lol.

So, something bad happened this evening and I bald for awhile. I had put angel in the middle of my bed where she could not fall, and went and to draw her bath and well gues the boys came upstairs and went into my room and the next thing I hear is this aweful screaming that I will never forget and I run into my room and Angel is on my floor screaming..... She fell off my bed or something happened and she hit her head on my base of my bed on her way down and that is medal.... luckily everything with her is okay and she is fine!! She has quite the mark on her head and I will never do that again. I should of known not to do that.. I feel pretty bad and I can't help but think back to that scream and how scared and hurt plus cuddley she was after that happened. Her poor cry. I feel like an aweful mom and how stupid I am.. But just glad she is okay.

On a better note, Jake went missing and I found him in the bathroom with his pants and diaper off saying potty and I put him on and went back to the kitchen to check on their lunch and then came back and he went poop in the potty!! After that he has gone 4 times today asking by himself to go... Hey maybe I will have two kids potty trained instead of just one wouldn't that be great
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Jamie... as far as Jake... that is GREAT... i told you he would let you know when he was ready...lol

and as far as Angel falling off the bed... dont beat yourself up over it, it happens.. when my youngest (Hunter) was little (a few weeks old) i was laying on the couch with him, and apparently i fell asleep and he rolled out of my arms onto the hardwood floor... hit his head and was screaming... i felt awful but he was fine... all kids fall at some point whether as lil babies or when they get older... my daughter fell off of a porch (at least a 2 ft drop) when she was not quite 1 1/2 and conked her head pretty good... i just had to keep her awake for a few hours and watch make sure there was no signs of concussion...like vomiting and lethargy and whatnot.  anyhow just trying to tell ya that it happens and that you are NOT a bad mom cause she fell off the bed. you are a very patient and awesome mommy from what i can tell.

hope the rest of the week goes better for you hun... and WHOO HOO to 2 toddlers on the verge of being POTTY TRAINED... it is always easier with one in diapers vs. 2 or more. lol
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Well, Angel was up lots last night and around 10-6 am I realized she felt really warm, and she had a fever!! So I called up our family doctor and got her in at 8:45am this morning and guess she has a ear infection and her ear infection has nothing to do with her falling off the bed. All my kids are prone to ear infections. Jake has had soo many they were talking about putting tubes in his ear and sending him to an ear specialist, but luckily when he hit two they stopped thank goodness!! he would just scream and scream with those damn things and you would not know about it until 1am when he just wouldn't stop screaming and he would go all night and day. Gabriel...well you just never knew he had one until his fever kicked in, and it seems Angel is the same way. But now she has a perscription meds, advil, plus numbing ear drops for her ears. lol now that she is all drugged up she is smiling and blowing her bubbles and spitting =).

Thanks Joyce!! Yes, when we had changed their cribs to beds for the boys  we took down one crib, and the other one we didn't bother with for awhile, and they loved to climb on it and one day Jake fell from it on top of a toy and I went in there and he was on the ground and his body went limp yet he was a wake and screaming and wasn't really looking at me, I freaked out I started to cry I tapped his face so he would look at me and try to keep him a wake. he stayed a wake and I called the health link and they told me to watch for those signs as well and he was fine. He has also run into ihs brother and clunked his head on the wall going down and did the same thing again, so I mean I think its just more scary when she is still so tiny that is all. She has started rice cereal though and seems to love it.

Yes, the potty training well he is going pee in his diaper and as well as on the potty!! Everytime Gabriel needs to go potty I put Jake on as well, and he will do something. Gabriel is fully potty trained except night time trained, which he usually doesn't pee at nap time nor over the night until he wakes up to use the potty. But that is okay as long as he is day time trained I don't care=)
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Hi everyone!  :)  I made a post.

I feel very bad, but what screen name does Heidi have?  :P  Also, congratulations Joyce, on finding out about your little boy!  I hope you have as much fun with him as I do with mine!  

I'll have to catch up on all the news in the next few weeks since I'm back at my boring job again (part time, thankfully).

-Kati :D
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So the other day I called my dr's office I have been having severe pelivic pain and contractions but the contractions come and go which of course is normal at this stage of the game. Now my dr is a new one for me I switched over to him at about 18 wks or so I was referred over to a high risk dr but the one my previous obgyn sent me to I just didn't like. So since March my cerivix has been thinning and getting shorter which has been confirmed in vag u/s's. So the pain that happens during these changes I'm having now. A week and a half ago I had another u/s and again confirmed in another vag u/s my cervix changed to almost 2 1/2. I have also had 2 bladder infections in a month so I wanted to make sure the pain I was having wasn't the infection. My dr wasn't there so I got checked out by the midwife. She checked me and said my cervix is open, now I'm only 31 wks. So I said okay I'm dilating I told her I knew my body was getting ready for labor seeing as how this is my 4th. She told me nope just that my cervix is open. So I left and my dh and I were so confused. We were like whatever what else is knew it seems all of a sudden my dr's office is a cluster of confusion. I called yesterday to check the results of my urine test from wed and the nurse looked at my notes and said the midwife wrote I'm a centimeter dilated. I'm like okay what is going on why didn't she just tell me. I hate when the feeling like you are not being heard etc. So this woman let me leave without even telling me or making me feel like I'm nuts. So yes I'm a centimeter dilated and from this point on I'm not going to see a midwife in that office again! She said he is very low she could feel his head. I think I'm going early. I can't wait I'm huge and wicked uncomfortable. I just feel like I'm in labor but not hard labor. Ugh. I just wanted to share my nutty story.. How are you doing and your family? I hope you enjoyed your mother's day. I hope to hear from you soon!

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good morning all, well i have today to get everything done, and then tomorrow i have to be where my hospital is, because i will have to be AT the hospital at like 5ish in the morning the following day. i will probably update real quick tomorrow but that will be the last until i get home with this lil bundle.. this is sooo wicked crazy... i am ready (OH SO READY)... but seems like i am walking in a fog at the moment.
anyhow 2 days til i get to meet my lil man... whoo hoo
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hi guys!!

congrats heidi!!! loved your birthing story. brought back so many memories - u brave girl you!! cant wait to see some photos. joyce next time i log on u will have your little boy!! cant wait for ur story too. jamie i understand how you feel. ollie rolled off the kitchen table when he was 4 months. long story but he was fine but i will remember it forever. katebud :( u r back at work. how hard is it leaving daniel?? u must get so tired too. take care hey. keeks i didnt realise u were suffering depression. what a terrible thing to go through hey. has it just been post natal or did u suffer depression before that? i had post natal with both my girs but this time managed to avoid it :) you take care of yourself hey and chat on FB anytime you need to!! we are going ok here. my hubby has lost his job and is home all the time - we are a little stressed but enjoying the family time. ollie is going great guns. he has 2 botoom teeth and one top side!! he is crawling everywhere and eats everything. he is MASSIVE i say!! cute tho lol. our new puppy has settled in well. ollie adores him and they rough and tumble all the time. i think the puppy thinks he is another one of his brothers as he is always on all fours. anyway hope all is well and will try chat soon!!! xxxx
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i am home... i posted a couple pics .. everything went very smoothly.  he is a joy, perfect in every way. Daniel Joseph was 8lb 8oz and 19 3/4 inches long... well they said he was gonna be a big baby....lol
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! well done joyce. your little big boy is adorable. how have you settled in at home. did he mind the trip home in his pink car seat? lol hope you are doing well and finding some sort of routine. take care and keep us updated on everything!! xxx
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Congrats Joyce!! He is very cute

I HATE teething stage.... My boys were great teethers not really a big problem..... Angel is teething and all she does is whine and cry and just nothing makes this chicky boo happy. I need to constantly pay her attention and its just not a fun stage.... sleeping she doesn't do either, lol joys of children=)
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jamie i know the feeling of no sleep.... daniel doesnt sleep much either at night, 4 days old now and as soon as i lay him in his bassinet after feeding he is back up... ugh i saw each hour on the hour last night... not fun, but hey hopefully he will sleep soon.

teething isnt any fun, but thank goodness it only lasts a short time, just unfortunately that time frame varies from baby to baby...lol
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oh, I can't even believe my luck this week. Angel teething and no sleeping, and Jake has larengitis and an ear infection.... he can't talk or if he does its a whisper , his cries or screams are horse sound and squeeks, and he has a nasty horse sounding cough.... my poor baby, but he seems happy and just loves to cuddle.... unfortunately Angel cries all day and none stop and today has only taken 2 naps, and they were both 10 minutes long.... she finally just fell asleep and its 11:15.... life will become less stressful right??? lol

Aww, I hope he starts sleeping through the night soon.... I know its so hard getting used to a new baby after your kids start sleeping through the night or something... kids never ending lol, that is why I am done... today has finally proven that to me, I don't want anymroe kids nope none lol
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Joyce ~ Congrats On your little boy! I wrote on your facebook wall, but I wanted to come on here & post something too :) Sure are alot of Daniels in our little group now :) Kati's little cutie pie & Krissy Husband! What a small world LOL....What made you decide on Daniel? Were you able to take back the pink stuff? or did you have to make do?....Hes absolutely adorable!....He was quite the little chunker but sounds like he came out perfect & healthy!!!!....How are you doing recovery wise? everything working out okay?....What about Daniels dad? Has he seen him yet?....Hope everything is going good!....Sorry to hear he isnt much of a night sleeper! I hope that changes quickly!!!!

Jamie ~ Have you ever heard of Camila? You should look into , we sell it at our walmart & superstore & also at health food stores , its an all natural teething pain reliever , it comes in a box with 30 little viles that they drink , they work AWESOME! I give them to Rylen all the time , there isnt anything in them that can harm them or become addictive , and they work fast , within about 10 minutes , I hope you can find them , they come in a white & blue box....The brand is Borion.....Hopefully her & Jake feel better soon!!!

Princess ~ Glad to hear you are all doing well! Ollie is so freakin cute!....Hows he doing with starting to walk & all that?? Does he crawl alot?...Rylen kinda skipped crawling , he pretty much walks now , not alone , he walks the furniture but we have a pretty small condo so he can easily get most places he wants to go by going from piece of furniture to furniture , hes a climber now too , tries to climb everything!! Hes gonna be a handful for sure lol.....The anti-depressants are working WONDERFULY! I feel so normal again & so less irritated and anxious! The anti depressants im on also help with anxiety which is good because now I dont have to be on 2 different pills :)

Armyprincess ~ Thats weird they would let you leave being dilated? I wasnt allowed to do anything even at 34 weeks with a short cervix? Odd....hopefully you get into your doctor and figure out whats going on!....The doctors told me from 25 weeks my son would be born early , they were all amazed when I made it to 36 weeks & shocked when I made it 38 let alone 39 weeks ( which is when my son was born)....so you never know , I had like 4 or 5 FFN tests done cause I could have sworn each time I was going into labor , it was horrible & I know the pelvic pressure your talking about , I used to swear that his head was like RIGHT there and it used to feel like his hand was sticking out or something cause I would get these weird awful pinching pains along with intense pressure....I hope you make it to at least 37 weeks or so :).....The end of pregnancy does suck though , I was horrible for the last 5 weeks or so , especially after being told over & over again I was going to go early and each week NO baby which was a good thing until about 37 weeks when I had enough LOL....Make sure to keep us posted on how things are going :)

Heidi ~ How are you & Brielle doing? Post an update when you get some time :) Would love to hear how you both are doing :)

Kati ~ I read your update on Daniel! Thanks so much for posting! He is such a handsome little guy!!!!...Sounds like you both are doing well which is great to hear :) Enjoy this time while ya can they grow up WAY to fast....Its scary

Princess & Krissy can you believe the babies are almost 9 months old , well I guess Ollie just hit the 9 month mark , Skye & Rylen will in the next week or so , Thats only 3 months from their 1st birthdays :( THATS SO SAD! Makes me want another one LOL....not for 3 years but even so :( I cant believe it goes by so fast , I could have sworn I was just on here telling everyone I got my BFP

Quick Update ~ We are doing well , DYING in this heat but doing well , its been over 30 degree's we've set temperature records from back in the 70's its INSANE! Its so hot omg....Poor Rylen , hes been sleeping in bed with me so we can both have the fan on us LOL....he hangs out day and night in his diaper cause its just TOO hot to do anything , we've been going to places like walmart & the mall where its somewhat air conditioned cause its just TOO hot to even be at home , Rob comes home the end of the month & hes gotta hook up our condo air conditioner , I didnt think it would be this hot so soon so we didnt bother to hook it up....Man alive its crazy , I cant even get dressed without being all gross and sweaty before I even get out the door LOL....Its lovely!.....Rylens a little monkey , talking up a storm , he says Dada and now Daddy and he says Mama , Hi and Whats that , hes furniture walking like crazy , getting braver and braver at standing on his own , he just learned how to sit down from standing and how to reach down & grab a toy and stand back up....he amazes me everyday....hes obsessed with everything that rolls or spins , balls , wheels on toys , its so cute , he sits on the floor totaly amazed at his toys that spin or have wheels , I love it!!.....We were playing peek a boo earlier and I had him laughing hysterically , He is the HARDEST kid to make laugh , we all know he can but he refuses most of the time , its weird...my friends baby is 5 months and he laughs all the time....Rylens so happy & smiley though it doesnt make sense why he wont laugh lol....Its super cute when he does though :) Anyways its Rylens bed time & I need to get some stuff done before I go to bed too.....Hope your all having a great week & I cant wait to hear how everyone is doing :)
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keeks.... i havent been on facebook in awhile..my computer doesnt like to load it...ugh
all is going well with recovery and everything...nope father hasnt seen him and that is fine by me... i knew i wanted daniel for a middle name because my best friend since 3rd grade is Danielle...and daniel is the male veriant of danielle...but it wasnt until the morning i was released that i made a choice for his name...lol

jamie so sorry kids are sick...that always is a downer... hopefully everything evens out soon.
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