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***Baby Dust 8***

Hello all you wonderful ladies!!!
New post, new info!  :)

Today I am great!  Not quite 1/2 way yet, but will be in less than 2 weeks!  18 1/2 weeks now...I think I'm starting to feel baby better now.  Still very faint, but not as much doubt about it being bub now.  :D

Jamie- I am still hoping and praying with you about your situation.  I know it's not easy.  That is amazing though, that you only have 11 weeks left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Hkenny- Yay!  Update us on your pregnancy progress as soon as you know more!  :)

Joyce-how are you doing?  any m/s or funny symptoms?

To all ttc,  be patient and take good care of yourselves!  :)  That is the best way to concieve.
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Hi am doing good.  still no morning sickness, but my back aches, and am sooo tired.  bbs hurt something awful.  and since i did a number on my foot the other day (accidently splashed boiling water on my foot....minor 2nd degree burns) i have been kinda stressing hoping that the very little amount of shock my body was going into (teeth chattering but not cold) didnt hurt the little bean.  that happened 2-3 days ago, and there has been no cramping or bleeding so i think he is in there good.  

I rescheduled my appt with the "new doctor" and decided that i will be going back to my regular OB....so my new appt is Oct 28 instead of Nov 11.  I will be 7 1/2 weeks at that point.

Hkenny- some doctors usually dont get women in until they are between 10-12 weeks.  I am getting in earlier because of history, age and the fact i have a incisional hernia which will have to be watched, therefore putting me into a higher risk catagory especially later on down the road.

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isnt it exciting that everyone on this forum is pregnant or just had their babies! baby dust all around!!
i feel like a bag of hot garbage, jet lagged something feirce. its 4am here and i am wide awake, i slept from  4pm-1am. yep thats not edmonton time, more like uk time!
to top it off i am a very bad cold, headache, nose running, ears HURT. I dont feel pregnant and i feel worried....i was thinking of going to the medicentre just to see what they say about this cold.but then again maybe its a waste of time since i cant take anything. i cant wait for  my first prenatal appointment! i cant believe its a whole month away!
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when is everyones due dates?
i am due may 15th,but that may change after i see the doc
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hkenny my edd is june 6-7th....but since i will be another scheduled c-section i will deliver between may 28-31
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Well thank you very much, and no its not easy but I don't have a choice unfortunately. I am just hoping and praying that he will be able to be home before baby is born. Supposedly the lord doesn't give us more then what we can handle, and sometimes you wonder how much exactly does he think a person can take, and if you knew the whole story you would understand why I say this.
But I trust all in his time things will work out. (hopefully before this 11 weeks is up)

Hkenny- I am due december 15th and I only have 11 weeks left to go pretty scary and yet exciting all at the same time.
Now what is up with this nice weather we are having at the end of september here? Don't know about you but yesterday my house got so hot I thought I would die. I saw the weather and it said it was 26 out, nice, but not when your in your third trimester and hot as it is.
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Jamie i really hope this mess gets sorted out before the baby arrives, I am praying for you.

anyone know how to get the baby tracker to go on my posts?
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hkenny- my edd is February 27th, but I'm hoping for a healthy Valentine's baby!!!!!  ;)  My best girl friend's b-day is v-day, so that would be kind of cool.  
Also, you went to Scotland, right??  Sorry, my brain won't let me remember.  :(

Jamie, I believe the same thing.  I know that you are going through the fires right now so you can come out as purified gold...just keep your faith and rely on God for everything.

Joyce----Yay!  Your baby will be here before it gets really hot!  that's gotta sound good ;)
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Yah that is good that it will come before it gets really hot. We went through a nasty heat wave before september where it was almost 40 degrees out and it was hot and I didn't have air conditioning.
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you are due 2 days after my birthday!  i am very very glad i will not be prego in the heat, my sister in law is due october 31st and she was miserable all summer long.
went to the doc today for this cold and of course there is nothing i can take, just rest and eat well. he said it seems more like a flu and it will be pass in 1-2 weeks! arrr if i have this for 2 weeks i am going to be a horrible person to live with.
anyone else get sick while pregnant?
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I did when I was pregnant with my twins, it was an awful flu it seemed I would never eat and I was crabby, but thatw as before I knew I was pregnant. I think I was 2-3 months when I found out I was pregnant with the boys.
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I am very glad that i wont be real pregnant during summer.  I was sick with my oldest son, just a hacking cough, they gave me some sort of pearl type pills....

Jamie...was thier any way of knowing that you were carrying twins BEFORE a ultrasound?  just gut feeling that i released 2 eggs this month which is really weird.  not sure if i could handle twins, but was just wondering.  

i am hoping that this pregnanc flies by, with school and such it should...lol
good luck to you all, ssbd and hope the rest of your pregnancies go well
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Umm nope I went until 19 weeks before I found out I was pregnant with twins. Girl if I can handle twins ANYONE can handle twins lol.
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