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Bleed after hsg

Hi. I had done my HSG on 14august it was super painful but I don’t bleed at that day. Now after two days i bleed like period red with clot. Is it normal? I am little worried because my DR gives me appointment on coming Tuesday before that I cannot see my DR. Please help. Thanks
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After my HSG I only spotted a little for a few hours.  After my sonohystogram, however, I spotted for a week, then stopped for a couple days, then spotted heavier and darker, then had a full on period 2 weeks early.  I think it screwed my hormones up.  Maybe something similar happened to you.  All you can do it wait it out, but if you have fertility procedures scheduled it'll mess with your timing.  You'll have to consult with the doctor.
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Thank you. Yes i have an appointment with my DR on Tuesday but i was little affraid because m having fever with this and a little cramp as well.
Fever could be a sign of an infection.  Are there any other signs, like strange discharge, or pain?  I had cramps after, even pretty bad ones, but there weren't severe.  For a day or two after my test I felt very run down and wanted to lay around doing nothing and had mild to moderate cramps, like a bad period.  Everything turned out fine for me, but I don't want to tell you that you'll be fine also, just in case you have a serious infection.  It's been 3 days for you, right?  You should be much better.  If you are getting worse and have pain you should probably seek help.  

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