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Born with Gastroschisis will I have problems during pregnancy

I was born in 1987 with Gastroschisis and I have been thinking about having children but my doctor and mother said that it would be complicated and I would always be in hospital and they would probably have be born by caesarian and it could kill me. This has really worried me so I wanted to know if anyone else was born with Gastroschisis and had a baby? Or if anyone knows what problems I could have.

I also have a very large scar which goes from belly button area to a few inches below chest. I gain a little weight and i got terrible stretch marks that went red and soar. The doctor said it was because of my scar. This also worries me because my tummy would get a lot bigger if i was pregnant.
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You might well have problems with pain from scar tissue, and unknown bowel related problems.

The best people to advise you are your gastroenterologist  and your gynecologist.  They should discuss your medical records and conditions, and give you advice as to what a pregnancy might mean to you.

good luck!
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I was also born with gastroschisis in 1984 and I also have a very large scar.  My doctor told me that there wasn't any reason why I couldn't get pregnant and that everything should be okay.  But that was really the case!!!  I guess every case is different but for me it took me 5 years to get pregnant after my husband and I got married and I ended up being pregnant in my right tube, due to scar tissue from my gastroschisis surgery.  Then this past year I found out that I was pregnant again and I made it to 11 week and had to have a d and c and I have been trying to get pregnant ever since.  I am not going to give up!  And as long as you have a great doctor and you want a child I wouldn't give up either.  I have the same problem with my scar hurting me and the stretch marks!  But I went from 141 lbs to over 225, but I am loosing weight!  I have had a few other problems with my bowels and things but I consider myself lucky to be here!  If you have any other questions please feel free to ask!
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I was born with gastroschisis and I am 11 weeks pregnant. My ob told me I should be able to delivery naturally. I have a large scar about 4-5 inches long and get pain sometimes and stretch marks if I gain even a little weight. I would talk to your gynecologist chances are you'll be fine to have children.Good luck!
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I was born with gastroschisis in 1980 and  I also have a large scar that was always called my zipper lol.  I have had 4 kids naturally and am pregnant with my 5th so far no problems.  Hope everything works out for you.
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My daughter was also born in 1980 with gastroschisis and is now 25 weeks pregnant with her first. Made me feel better to see your post. Thank you and best wishes on your new pregnancy
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I am 26 and have been trying to get pregnant my doctor told me I have one blocked tube and the other is upside down. He said it was caused by my gastroschisis I just need to know if anyone else has that problem
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I was born with gastroschisis in 1977. My first child was a healthy full term boy two months before i turned eighteen. Six years later i had my daughter also healthy and full term. When she was nine months old i found out i was having twins. They were born at thirty six weeks due to complications from the pregnancy not the gastroschisis. They were born healthy and big for twins at 6lbs 12 ounces and 5lbs 14 ounces. All were delivered vaginally including one of the twins feet first. I also have always had a very large scar. A year or so ago my Dr attempted a laproscopy because I've been having some pain and informed me there is so much scar tissue in there and had he known he would not have delivered my babies. I would say to have one done to see what you're dealing with first so you know. Every person is different and their bodies hell differently
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Im a younger one I guess, born with Gastroschisis in 2000. Im not having kids anytime soon but I don't want to wait forever to find out if I can have a baby. My mom said my Dr. Told her I should be able to have kids but he also said my scars should fade away and well I still have one where my bellybutton should be and one on my neck from the feeding tube. Seeing others with the same question and uhm birth defect ig or whatever it is, its just nice to read what all your cases are too. Best luck on your pregnancy ❤
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I was born with gastroschisis in 1999 never thought id end up pregnant but in the begining of 2016 i was pregnant . Only lasted 12 weeks and had a miscarriage i dont know if it was because of the gastroschisi but i hope that doesnt give me  Problem because i do want kids .. i dont know what to do or hos to go about it ...
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Hi I was born with gastroschisis in 1996 and back 3 years ago I caught pregnant and had a miscarriage at 11weeks and 4 days.... but doctors couldn't explain how I had miscarried so not sure weather it's to do with being born with gastroschisis  or not... but I do want kids but not sure if I'd be able to carry as got a long scar across the middle of my belly! Just wondering if anyone else has any answer or advice please ? X
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I was born in 2003 with gastroschisis and was in the hospital for only a month after I was born, I was told I was the first known to have it in Colorado but the doctors had to put a tube through my neck down the right side of my body, through my heart and out my belly button/ scar. my right kidney was deformed and has two instead of one tube connected to my bladder and my bowels were messed up and when I was a baby my intestines had a hole in them and I've had at least 4 hernias growing up, because of all of this I was scared as a child thinking I wouldn't be able to have a baby because I thought I would get another hernia but ive heard its very possible without any complications but it depends on the person and their bodies. :) I hope well to all the soon to be mothers.
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