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Can I alter my period?

I want to alter my period by 5 days... I want to TTC for baby #2 (my 1st baby passed away due to prematurity 4 days after birth) but wont see my hubby until April 27 because he works in another country. My period is due April 11 and fertility window will be April 17-25. So my question is if I start on birth conttol pills this upcoming month, skip the placebo pills and take active pills for an extra 5 days will it permanently shift my period?  For example my next period is due January 17 if I alter it and get it on 22nd will this mean that for the next month (February) I will get it based on my 28 day cycle ( my periods are very regular even after I had my baby in June)for in February I am supposed to get my period on the 14th so will I get it on the 18 or 19th instead if I alter my period in January.

I received this answer from an online doctor but would like more opinions:
Hello and welcome I'm Dr Chip

Yes--if you take the active pills for an extra five days to delay your period and you will have shifted your upcoming periods by five days

Please let me know if you need any more information
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That's a bad plan.  I'm not sure what question you asked the doctor.  If you are trying to delay bleeding for a certain period of time,  (like if you were going on a scuba trip)  that would work.  

You're not trying to delay your bleeding.  You're trying to shift your viable ovulation time period - which is a completely different thing.  Your plan is unlikely to work to move your fertility window one week away.    If you take a contraception pill,  and then get off it,  it could take a few months to ovulate again,  although you can regulate bleeding by continuing to take a pill (which is not what you're trying to do).  

I'm so sorry for your loss.  I sense your intense desire to get pregnant as soon as possible.  

Is he coming home permanently April 27?  So,  you could just wait and try in May?  That would be best.

If he's only coming for a brief visit April 27,  I would arrange to have his sperm frozen and inseminated in May.  

Another option is for you to go visit him where he works during a fertile window. How fun would that be?  :D

Best wishes.  

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