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Can you help me ASAP??

Period was due 1/21 but on 1/20 I had got a glush of brown-red in my underwear. I put on a pad thinking it was my period. On 1/22 I took pain pills thinking it was my period. Usually when I take pain pills I usually stop hurting. This time i still feel wired. I went to the restroom and I wipe I see brown discharge that was sticky. On 1/22 when I go pee i notice no blood on the pad only when I wipe. On 1/22 that nite it got mild but wasn't heavy as it should be. I change the pad everyday even through it wasn't heavy I want to see if it stop the color and all. On 1/23 it slow down and stop then it spot off and on. When I went to the bathroom when I wipe it was brown discharge. 1/24 it just been spotting off and on all day. 1/25 it stop no spotting or anything. What would u say this is?  Would you say this my period? Would u say am pregnant?
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This could possibly be implantation bleeding. It's when a fertilized egg implants in the uterine wall. Only way to tell for sure is to take a pregnancy test. And follow up with a doctors appointment. Good luck!
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