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Could I be pregnant- bleeding & symptoms

Hey now community! After about 2 years of abstanance I got married Aug 13, 2017, had sex and 5 days later I had a normal period. It lasted 7 days with a heavy flow for the first 3 days (overnight pad), regular flow for the next 2 after that (heavy pad) then light spotting/leakage (panty liner) on the final two days. This was my normal routine, up until that very next month. In September my period was short and light (I didn't document the exact days and quantity at that time).

This has cintinued to the present but my periods are getting shirter and lighter each month. Also I've been having pregnancy symptoms sense September as well.

These symptoms include fatigue which was vert extreme for two months (Sept & Oct), nausea (no vomiting), car sickness (no vomiting), acne, chronic gas, my feet and ankles got swollen once in November for a cpl days (no pain), metalic taste in mouth, dry mouth especially at night with cracked, dry lips, consistantly vivid dreams as of Dec (dreamt about a baby twice), possibly a baby bump, no more pms which was also consistant with my periods. I may get very light cramps or discomfort down there right before but nothing at all close to my usual pms symptoms which let me know my period was near, also I am super irritated, moody and emotional, I startle easily, I feel sudden sharp stabbing pains in my lower abdomen & twinges. I can't really suck it in like I used to be able to do without discomfort, headaches  (I've never been one to get headaches) finally some smells have been bothering me and I have been noticing scents more clearer and I normally do not have a very good sense of smell.

Im also getting oink period blood and brown on like my first day of my period and my blood would usually be thick, bright red and clotty. Never pink and would only get brown the last two days of spotting/leakage and panty liners. The fatigue has subsided a bit but I can not stay up late, I get tired right around 8/9pm daily, the headaches aren't as constant as they were the first 2 months and I would only get gasy on my period but now I am gassy everyday and it is ridiculous. Oh and I have frequent urination at night.

I took a hpt in Oct while I was bleeding (afternoon) and it was neg then again in Nov (afternoon) I took one a day or two after I bled which was neg  but it was kinda messy and I didn't read the directions well cus I was anxious so I took a third the nezt morning which was neg.

I keep reading that women can bleed while pregnant and negative hpt because of low hcg and I eat one meal a day so I really want to know because if I am I will up my food intake and stop fighting the sleep lol. Lastly I just remembered another symptom. I was eating one meal every other day for about a year then when I got married this past Aug I went to 1 meal a day. Recently that haa been a struggle and I get full off of smaller amounts of food.

Thank you in advance for any help that you can give.
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