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Could i be pregnant immediately after stopping depo?

I just want to know if anyone experienced this and what was your outcome. I have been on Depo since February 2017. My period is light all of March and that was it. I missed my shot in October 17th and i had sex with my boyfriend 2 weeks later and then the week after that Saturday 11/11 i cramped really bad all day and then 11/12 & 11/13 we had sex again after that i had really bad acid reflux, Tuesday before thanksgiving my boobs starting hurting and then the Saturday after thanks giving i woke up feeling like my period was on nothing was in my underwear but when i wiped it looked like day one if my period was about to start, i put a pad on and went on through the day and the pad was empty, i just started Nausea but never vomit it gets bad to the point were i want to make myself vomit. and then i have not painful but just weird feelings on my right side pelvic area and little feelings right under my belly button. and then sometimes it feels like my period is on but its not and when i touched it was a little watery not sticky i took s test 12/4 but it was a BFN.  waiting to go to the doctor for a blood test, i have never had sore boobs before! i also have bumps popping up along with a cold
sorry for the long rant! as anyone experienced this?!
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