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Difficulty getting pregnant?

Can having multiple STDs in the past prevent you from getting pregnant? & currently having genital herpes?
- & no I don't have then asking for a friend of mine who has gone through this
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Yes.  Multiple STDs can scar your tubes and make it impossible for an egg to get through.
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Certain kinds can make you sterile from just getting it once. But go to the cdc website and it'll tell you which ones specifically and then ask your doctor could this be a cause... Are gentile herpes like gentile warts? Sorry if that's a dumb question
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Yes, she has genital herpes(warts lol).. And she has outbreaks a few times a year
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If she does get pregnant they'll give her meds around 36 weeks but more than likely she'll have to have a c section so it doesn't transfer to the baby...(never had herpes or stds) but the cdc websites give a lot of info on what to do lol I googled your question...and chlamydia and gonerriah (can't spell it sorry) can cause infertility but that's what the CDC website says and ohh thank lol I thought they were two different things  
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Yes stds can cause fertility issues. But no genital herpes and genital warts are not the same thing
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Yes some STDs can cause you to become infertile or scar the tissue making it harder to get pregnant and increasing the chance of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. Never had one, I just googled it lol
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My friend has genital herpes and hpv and she has 2 beautiful babies, no c section needed and their perfectly healthy!

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