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Had left tube removed from ectopic pregnancy I'm 38 confused as to when to try again

I'm 38 and have a 14year old son and my husband has no children and we have wanted to have a baby for a few years last year fell pregnant and unfortunately had a miscarriage a year and a half later I fell pregnant again and we're both so happy then we found out when I was 6 weeks was an ectopic pregnancy which was devastating I had lap surgery and had my left Fallopian tube removed. It's been 4 weeks since my surgery and I got my first period yesterday I'm confused because the surgeon at the hospital said we could try again. 4 weeks after surgery but my doctor has said we should wait for 3 months I'm not sure what the best to do is.  I can test for when I'm ovulating 2 different opinions from 2 good sources. My husband thinks maybe it would be a good idea to do the dye/ink test to make sure the right Fallopian tune isn't partially blocked, since I fell pregnant straight after our first try I know it's not blocked but if it was even partially blocked I would hate to loose my right tube as well. When I had the left tube removed they said the right tube looked good but there are no tests to check the inside health of a Fallopian tube as of yet can only check if blocked or partially blocked I also worry if getting the hsg or dye test could damage my only tube and chance of natural conception at my age I don't want to take chances either way and not sure how to go about things and would very much appreciate hearing of others experiences. I would of course love to have a baby with my husband who is a great father to my 14 year old and when I found out I was pregnant I thought oh am I to old bit have learnt many women have  babies and healthy pregnancies from my age and we'll into there 40's I understand after an ectopic pregnancy and my age as well it will be considered a high risk pregnancy and will need an ultrasound at 5 weeks if we are so very lucky to conceive again and hopefully we will and soon.... But what are others experience in trying again after there first menstrual cycle after surgery?  Thank you for any help, opinions,advice or experiences that any are willing to share
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Hi there!  I first want to welcome you to the forum and am so glad you found us.  I'm looking forward to getting to know you as it is always nice to share your journey.  I'm so sorry to hear about your ectopic pregnancy.  That truly IS devastating and losing a tube is scary.  I'm glad you are alright though!  I HATE that I have to tell you this but you are supposed to wait after an ectopic pregnancy to try again.  The minimum most doctors recommend is 3 to 4 months. The reason is that the closer you become pregnant to when you had the ectopic, the higher the incidence of  having another.  And you do NOT want that, I know!  I know the idea of waiting when we are our age and you want another is really hard.  but it is probably best in this case.  Plus your body and emotions can heal.  I had my kids right under 40 and women are having babies later and later.  

So, I'd try to wait it out for those 3 months.  Definitely you can try again and getting pregnant is a possibility.  But you just don't want to risk another ectopic.  Remember lots of women get pregnant with one tube!  Fingers crossed that this happens easily with you.  Oh, and Artificial insemination is always an option that is less expensive/invasive than IVF that you could consider if it proves harder than it was getting pregnant this time naturally.  And at three months post pregnancy,, you will still have hormones that would support another pregnancy.  So, all of that is good.

Anyway, again welcome, sorry about your loss and glad you found us.  By the way, I also have a 14 year old son. He makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes.  lol  
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Seriously I can't thank you enough for your reply and comments straight away after reading it pit alot into perspective THANKYOU SO MUCH!! loved your commemt referring to your 14yr old my son turns 15 next month and I can completely relate to what you said, it does make perfect sense what you have informed me of and cleared up some of my confusion,  I have been a little eager realistically and 3 months really isn't a long wait in the scheme of things when wanting to do all I possibly can to have a healthy pregnancy.... Again thank you for your honesty and kind words SpecialMom (indeed)
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Ah, you are so welcome!  I hope you come back and let me know how it is going!  We can commiserate on 14 year olds.  ha ha.  But seriously, it will all work out sweetie.  
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