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Having early pregnancy symptoms and maybe implantation

Ok so I had a period July 19-21/17. about 4 days before I ovulated I started get sore breasts cramping and back pain nothing unusual (that usually happens before I ovulate) I ovulated on the 29 of July. My next period was due Aug 15. From my ovulation day until now I have had all the pregnancy symptoms nausea constipated and diarrhea swollen breasts nipples got bigger all that. I took a pregnancy test on August 12 it was negative then my period started like right after(3 days early) It waa really light at first and stopped after a few hours was pinkish but more in the brown side. Then it started again. Only stopping at night but it go heavier each time it restarted. My period end on Aug 15 ( the day my period was too start) and since then I have still been having pregnancy symptoms. My period is normally on time  I only last 2 days and isn't usually heavy so this period  I was heavy for  a me if that's what it was. And up once at work yesterday. Today I noticed a gross metallic taste in my mouth that just won't go away I have brushed my teeth 3 time today it's still there. I have never had this.  I'm not trying to get pregnant but I fear and feel that I am. I was wondering if any one else has this and if I am pregnant is it too early still to do a hpt. Thanks 36yr old.
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If you haven't already tested, then I believe you are late now! I never had any early symptoms with my two pregnancies ! I can't be much help there but I hope you have now tested to find out if you are or not... keep us posted regardless of the outcome because we all here to suppprt each other and good luck
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