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Hormone pill to help regulate my periods and help me get pregnant easier...

My OB/GYN put me on a hormone pill called Norethindrone 5MG. She put me on this hormone pill to help regulate my periods and to help me get pregnant easier. I only take it 12 days out of each month and the rest of the month I don't take it. I know that anytime that you take hormone pills it can make your hormones fluntuate and throw menstrual cycles off. Well, I only have periods every 2-3 months, so I was due to have a period for this month of October. I thought when I started taking the hormone pill it would throw my cycle off and that I probably wouldn't start my period. Well, three days after my 12 days of taking the hormone pill was up, I started my period which really surprised me. I started my hormone pill on October 3rd and went through October 14th and on October 17th I started my period and bleed through the 22nd or 23rd. My OB/GYN said it would take three months of being on this hormone pill for me to start having normal monthly periods. I just really thought that taking the hormone pill in the month I was due to start would throw my cycle off, but it didn't, which I am glad. I wonder if this pill is taking effect faster than what my OB/GYN thought it would? Because flunctuating hormones up or down can delay and throw menstrual cycles but it didn't mine. Now, that I started my period, when would be my most fertile time of trying to conceive?
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it's entirely possible! I remember answering your question about the norethindrone when you were first worried about...do you feel better about taking it now?

but yes I think that it could be working right away...very often our bodies just need a little kick-start...I can't wait to see if it's working for you! :)

14 days BEFORE your next expected period will be your most fertile time. you should have sex every other or every day leading up to that day starting about 5 days before that....and then 3-5 days after continue having sex just to make sure you cover your fertile window :).
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Yes, I sure do feel alot better about taking the Norethindrone. I appreciate your answer, trying to get pregnant is alot trickier than I used to think. I had another question. I am WAY over weight, I know it would be better if I lost weight before I actually get pregnant which I am now trying to do, but for the past couple of weeks have failed miserably at. I was wondering if I got pregnant would it be safe to watch extra close to what I eat and make sure to eat REALLY, REALLY healthy and watch my weight and make sure I don't put on pounds as far as on MY body and only let the baby/babies gain weight and try not to gain any myself? The reason why I ask is because I am 5'2 and 254 pounds and insulin resistant and I just don't want myself to gain pounds on my body, I just want the baby/babies to gain weight. Is that possible to do with an extremely healthy diet of lean meats, water, fruits and veggies, whole grains and absolutely no junk food at all. I'm asking this because I don't want to have any kind of complications during my pregnancy or develop diabietes. My goal is to have an easy pregnancy and labor and delivery without any complications and I want to be able to enjoy my pregnancy to the fullest.
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Absolutely. Both pregnancies I was overweight for and all the weight I gained was baby and lost all of it in the delivery room between placenta, amniotic fluid, and baby. So yes, it's definitely possible. it requires consistent exercise (which will help with your delivery as well! think of preparing for the hardest marathon of your life :) ) and making healthy choices instead of unhealthy ones. you should not limit food intake and especially not liquid intake, HOWEVER...you can make healthy substitutions. for instance if you're having a craving for a cupcake, have a muffin....if you're having a craving for chips, choose kettle cooked or baked chips.

you see what I mean? you can't "diet" persay but you can pay close attention to what you put into your body and have a very healthy pregnancy in the end. it takes some work, not gonna lie..and when you hear pregnant women saying "i just ate a whole pint of ice cream" you're gonna go "I wanna do that too!!" but when you get out of the delivery room with no extra weight you're going to appreciate all the hard work, lol. But this should all be done under the care and advice of your OB. they will have to make sure that they feel the baby is growing enough, or they may ask you to increase/decrease your caloric intake based upon their evaluations. However....even though I barely gained weight with both pregnancies and lost weight for a good majority before gaining some back, my doctors never worried about my baby's growth. You should still ask your OB but you can absolutely carefully monitor your food intake and control your weight! (this rule really applies only to overweight women...a woman of normal or low weight is going to NEED to gain some body fat aside from the baby to protect baby...we overweight women have it already built up ;). )
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I really appreciate you anwering my questions, you really have been terrific! I forgot to mention to you that Thursday when I went to see my OB that she also put me on Metformin to help me ovulate. I used to take Metformin 500 mg, twice daily. I took it for about a year or two but I didn't have any luck with concieving. Maybe the Metformin paired with the Norethindrone will raise my chances considerably taking them together like that. She told me to take the Metformin for a week or two only once daily, just to get used to the medication. Then, after the week or two for me to start taking it twice daily. Next month I'm due to have a transvaginal ultrasound, I guess to look at my ovaries and uterus and everything. I hate those things I had one of those things done before and man they hurt! I remember telling my OB last week that I have alot of menstrual like pain all the way across my lower stomache or pelvis, so that could also be why she wants the transvaginal ultrasound done, but she was mentioning an ultrasound even before I told her about me hurting. Hmm, she kind of confuses me at times, lol. Last Thursday was my second visit, but on my first visit I told her that some midwives that were treating me thought I could maybe have PCOS and that they had ordered a transvaginal ultrasound and I didn't have any cysts or fibroids or nothing like that. On my first visit with her, when I was trying to explain my history to her she just looked at me and said, "Okay, you're complicated and let's take all of this one step at a time." LOL! I'm so nervous about all of this, I feel like maybe I'm finally REALLY about to get pregnant now and I'm sooooo nervous and I just want to TRY my very best to do everything right. I need to get my Metformin and prenatal vitamins filled today I have to start taking that Norethindrone again starting Wednesday, November 3rd and take it all the way through the 14th. Thanks again for answering my questions!
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Hey Ashelen,

Well, I am having to start my hormone pill again tonight, the Norethindrone. I get so nervous taking meds. I guess I just need reassurance that I am going to be okay. lol. When I took it last month at the end I started having a little trouble sleeping, which is listed under the more serious side effects. EEK! My OB has also put me on Metformin as well, to help me ovulate. At first she prescribed me the Extended Release Metformin but that BIG pills and I told her that I couldn't swallow BIG pills. So, she prescribed me the regular Metformin because the pills ain't as big. But, when the office assistant called me back at my home to tell me the OB called in the regular Metformin for me, the office lady said I would need to take only one dose of metformin for a week and then up my dosage to two a day the second week and then third week the assistant said for me to up my dosage to three Metformin a day. That is 1500 MG of Metformin a day!!! When I was in with my OB last month and she was prescribing me the Extended Metformin she told to work my way up to two a day like take only one for two weeks and then after two weeks then start taking two and that's all she said. So, I really don't know if I really should work my way up to 3 Metformin a day or not. 1500MG of Metformin is a pretty high dosage. I  hate taking medicine anyway because of bad side effects I have had with other medications in the past. I guess I just need some encourgement.  
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i want to get pregnant but seven months ago i stopped having my regular period i think its due to pain killers from an accident, prescribed norethindrone i took three months ago and bled but didnt stop pain killers i am taking again and if i get period in two days do i stop taking them and when can i try and get pregnant while taking before getting period or after next month please help me. I know it could be the pain killers because i started that before period stopped but i am having difficulty stopping with pain issues i will stop if pregnant when should i stop taking norethindrone right when i bleed like i did three months ago and i never got period since only when i took them now taking again should i stop pain pills could that cause this why else wouldnt i get period always had it was on birth conteol before getting married for 14 years stopped year ago still had reg period for months after
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