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How long have you been trying?

TTC can be a LONG journey for some.  How long have you been trying?
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Well I  truly agree. This is such an emotional roller coaster that it might seem for dog's life--mons/yrs doubled. Here's some of my background. Together with ex partner ttc for 13 mons without success. He didn't want to see a dr even, so we soon broke up. I was left 38 yrs old and childless and hopeless. Then I met Mr Right. Now I'm 40+ they gave us no explanation apart from being old and fat why we couldn't conceive. Dh is perfect. So we spent another 12 mons ttc unless started to seek professional help. This time we made our mind around ivf . With this purpose moved to Ukraine. Passed there 2 shots. Currently am prego with baby#1. For me this whole journey is a long waiting game. Sums done, 13+12 mons is 2 yrs+ ttc naturally in vain..
Hope this path is more lucky for you, lovelies.
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We decide after about 6 months of marriage to ditch the bc and do the dang thang!  Now it has been just a few months shy of 3 years since that decision. Still TTC. Visited doctors, did testing (both of us)  still no answers. Unexplained infertility. At this time we can't afford more fertility options. We did 2 rounds of Clom and still nothing. We won't stop trying!

The hardest part is watching everyone else concieve with ease, then they ask my plan. Nobody knows our story, so I smile and answer "maybe one day."  All while knowing every inch of me is fighting to hold back my emotions, as I beg myself not to cry.
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It took me almost 4 years myself.  It's hard, I know!  Like a roller coaster!  Here is a statistic you might like hearing.  95% of women who TTC are successful!  Keep at it!  We're here for you!  (PS:  I DID get pregnant, had a boy and 15 months later had another boy.  :>)

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