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Hi, I'm 22years old. My bf & I, of 7 years, are trying to conceive and have been for the past 2 years. My cycles are very irregular& heavy the first 2 of 5 days. So it's hard for me to track ovulation. & when I check randomly it's negative. What should I do?
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I'm actually experiencing the exact same thing.
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Me too but only a year. I was doing the ovulation test but could never get a positive so my dr. Told me to start taking them the day after my period ends and take them twice a day. I finally got a positive. We still aren't pregnant but we go back to the dr. In a few months for my test.
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Worry not but have faith,mostly irregular periods could be caused by hormonal imbarance,had same issue of periods but when i turned to welwoan product to balance my hormones i can say am in a better position in case i would like to conceive, you can try them as well or ask your doc
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