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Irregular periods, obese, fertility?

I am 28 and obese. I also have a slightly underactive thyroid which i take medication for. Over the last year and a half my periods have been irregular. Sometimes lasting 5 weeks with heavy flow and then not arriving for 8 weeks. Over the course of the last 4 months i have began a healthy eating diet and have lost 4 stones in weight. Over this period i have been spotting between periods and after sex there is bleeding. I am concerned about my fertility as my partner and i are hoping to start a family (once my weight is in the normal healthy range). Could my issues be down to a hormone imbalance? What can i do to get my periods regular again and increase my fertility? Am i not ovulating currently? Anyone else experienced this? Freaking out!
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I don't want to sound rude but first and foremost lose weight and get your health in check. If it is a hormonal balance losing weight could definitely help. Good luck
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I went thru this same problem. I had to loose a good amount of weight and my periods have been coming some what regular. I did get on some hormonal pills to help with the irregular periods and to help stimulate ovulation, bc I wasn't ovulating like I was supposed too. My dr told me about some medicine, Fertibilla - Concieve Easy and I've been on that for about 2 weeks. Working great so far. Good luck!
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