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Is there anything to help implantation?

Just wondering.... I take my pre-natals prescibed by my doctor and drink gree tea to help increase cm, but nothing else. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!
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I have heard some take Mucinex to increase cm. I never have tried, but heard that.I am ttc and take b6 and prenatals.Cm kinda scant for me too.
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Taking baby aspirin helps with implantation.  GL!
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Thanks all for the ideas!
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Hey girl!!  Where have you been??
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Increasing cm will not help implantation.

One thing I did though was to not exercise during the two week wait. Most dr's will say it makes no difference but one book I read said it could. So no jumping, jogging, horse riding. Just let that egg bury in deep. Resume exercise gently after 8 weeks.
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I think maybe Vitamin E strengthens the uterine lining and helps with implantation.
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baby aspirin, really. Wow.
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Whoa.... I was just reading last night that Pineapple Juice - can actually cause miscarriage if you drink a lot of it! I am not sure I would be wanting to drink that! I also heard it DOES NOT help with TTC!!
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Pineapple and walnuts during the 2ww!
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Ufortunatly i dont think we can do anything to alter what is meant to be. if the baby implants and stays, it will, if not maybe we cant control that. it sucks. your question almost seemed as though you were asking more of conception than implantation. take care of yourself. eat healthy and take your vits. good luck!
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I've heard that spagetti, mostly the "red sauce" as I've been told helps with fertility...Don't know if this person was on crack but worth a try I think...*sighs* maybe not lol...Best of luck:) ***Baby dust to ya all
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Didn't mean to cause any confusion...I was just wondering if anyone knew of anything that could encourage implantation (no problem with concieving, it just doesn't stick). I appreciate all the ideas that I got...I do realize and accept that if it's not God's will, it won't happen...but I don't think it will hurt anything to try some of the ideas

ally76 - I have forgot my password and it took so long for them to email it to me, but I have been checking up on everyone, just wasn't able to post. How are you doing? Fine I hope.

Sticky baby dust to all!!!!!
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i just dont understand how you know you conceived and it doesnt stick????????

also i've heard omega 3 and accupuncture really help!
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What don't you understand?  Many women conceive but have miscarriages or what is called a chemical pregnancy- which means the egg was fertilized but didn't as we call it "stick".  Those that are charting their cycles usually know they are pregnant even before their missed period.
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Using Prometrium (progesterone) will help to thicken the lining and making it a more inviting place to implant! This is the hormone that the corpus luteum is supposed to give off after you ovulate and if you conceive. Such a fine tune balance with all of these hormones! Best Wishes!
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yes that is true. that just happened to me I found out very early in the pregnancy but it ended. my cycle was about 3 days late. it came on very heavy than it often does yesterday.
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