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Late Period Pregnancy Test Negative

Hi.  I have been off b/c since April  and started to calculate my cycle.  After a few months, it looks as if I was on a 35-day cycle.  So, 35 days would have been July 12th, as of today, July 15th, I still do not have it.  I am 4 days late.  I did take a pregnancy test and it was negative.  Should I be concerned or do I need to relax?  I understand that my body need to regulate due to being on the pill for a long time.  

I am trying so hard to calculate so that my husband and I could start to try to have a baby.  I am soo confused...

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I understand exactly what you are going thru....I have been trying to concieve for 4 mos after being on depo for 7yrs. I have been off of it since Dec 2003....still no luck. It is very common to be very irregular after b/c for an extended time, and there is also the chance that you are pg but it isn't detectable on a hpt. I would take another test in 3 days and if that one is still neg and no sign of your period I would go have a bllod test done to be sure......they can give you something if you are not pg to induce your period so you can start trying again....I hope this was helpful.....kimmie
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Hi and thank you soo much.  It helps, but you know, when you expect it to have your period exact for so many years, and now, it happens when it happens.  I appreciate your help.
Keep trying...it will happen.  :)
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I hear ya....when your cycle is always right on the money for so long and then it does something different it can be nerve wracking. Especially when you are trying to become pregnant and monitoring things that you would never even dream of keeping track of in your life....ie..cervical mucus....LOL, only us women. I hope all turns out as you want it to...keep me posted....good luck
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Hello Everyone:
I am new to this site....but finding it comforting.  I had a m/c & d/c in Feb.  Now first month TTC.  Usually have ~30 day cycle.  (sometimes less, sometimes maybe 1-2 days longer).  I am now 6 days late & HPT keeps saying neg.  I used First Response Early.  Have taken test for last 6 days thinking since it was "early" detection (4 days b/4 missed AF).  All have been --.  Probably going to MD tomorrow for blood test.  This sucks!  The last pg I tested 2 days after I missed my period & had a dark pink line indicating pg....now not even a faint line & 6 days late.  Getting nervous.....
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If you are 6 days late and have taken a test, you are probably not pregnant.  If you don't start your period in the new few days, I would test again or have your doctor jump start it for you.

Unfortuately, periods are not an exact science.  When you don't have medication telling your body when to ovulate, it takes awhile for your body to get the hang of it on its own, and even then, it is hardly ever the same every month.  Some cycles will be 26 days, some will be 35.  Some months, you'll bleed like crazy, some hardly at all.  Then, you throw stress in there and everything is up in the air.  

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Thanks again, girls.  I really appreciate the help with all of this.  Good luck to you all....
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