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Missed period

I had my period on 21st July which lasted 5 days which is normal for me I have an average 35 day cycle so I ovulated round about the 30th July. My next period was due 14th August. It has not arrived I'm now 5 days late I've had no bleeding, minor cramping and a touch of backache.  A online pregnancy calculator calculated if pregnant I would be 4 weeks pregnant by now. I've took numerous pregnancy tests, different brands and all have come back negative. Any one else had this problem?
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When did you stop taking BC? Because my body does the same thing in a way. The first month trying to conceive my period will be late by 4 days or so, so I'll think I'm pregnant but then all HPTs are negative and then shortly after my period will start. It's kind of weird, but I think it takes my body a month to get back to normal after stopping BC because then the second month I'm lucky enough to get pregnant. I don't know if this helps but good luck!
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I stopped taking depo provera in November my period returned in May and since then I have had normal periods. All lasting 5 days in duration. I've never missed a
Period before :/
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