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Normal or nah?

Two days ago me and my husband went out for drinks with our friends. I wasn't the DD so of course I consumed a little more than my husband. When we made it home things got a little frisky and one thing lead to another. He finished and so did I. However when we were done there was blood on me, him, and a spot on the sheets (about to size of your palm). We wigged out because we are trying to conceive. 'What to do?' (Im not a virgin!) So we cleaned up and I figured the alcohol and sex triggered my period to start early. I used a regular tampon and went to bed. The next morning the tampon Was very uncomfortable and only had old blood on it and the bleeding was a little pink when I wiped.   And in a few hours it stopped completely. Should I consult my doctor? My period doesn't start for another 4-6 days. I'm nauseous this morning but have no pain down there. What are my next steps?
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