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So I have been tracking every detail of my period and ovulation and all that. My husband and I are trying to conceive so I'm wondering if I'm ovulating today and we had sex 2 days ago and 3 days ago are my chances pretty good of getting pregnant?? I tried having sex this morning but he woke up late lol men i swear. I'm hoping I have a high chance!!!
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My dr has said the best best time is 18 hrs after you get the ovulating symbol.  He does say the sperm can live up to 5 days - girl sperms living longer. Tried this month so we'll see.  My periods being tricky but I've had false alarms before so trying not to get excited.
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2 days ago was good, but there are no guarantees.  
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Ideally you want to have sex the day before you ovulate so the sperm is already there and waiting and soon as the egg is released.  
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Oh darling! Do you understand what they did?  The point of tying was to NOT  get pregnant.   The process must be reversed in order to get pregnant
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