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Please help I don't understand?!?

I am almost 3 weeks late n I just took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. How can this be? I'm not heavily stressed and So i don't understand why it should be negative.
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You might be testing at the wrong time always use first wee of the day as it's the strongest also depends on some testing kits! If it puts your mind at rest go to the docs for a blood test. Hope all goes well
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I took another test in the morning n still negative. I think I probably will go to the doctor
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Ever since I started trying to conceive , my periods have months that skip or extremely late. It's a hormonal thing, good luck!
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I think you are over expecting. Sometimes periods can be late. For instance in my case. Sometimes I might even be a month late. That does not mean that I am pregnant. Maybe it is caused by imbalance. Also the surrounding has an effect. The meal you take affects you are internal work. The lifestyle you live. To cut the long story short. I tend to mean that there are reasons due to late periods. However, it might also be that you are pregnant. But then that is too early to say. You should at least wait fir a month. Thereafter you can know what is really happening. You should also note that some HPT are not that accurate. it might be a BFP or BFN. If this is not the result, it will give fain line. So the only way to he sure is to go to the hospital. Hospital test are a sure bet. I hope you get the news that you are anticipating. However, do not be that positive. You might end up disappointing yourself.
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