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Pre-Seed and Fertilaid

Hi Ladies!  What are everyone's thoughts on fertility products like Pre-Seed and Fertilaid?  I'm game for anything that might make getting pregnant happen faster....and will try anything twice ;)  Have people had success with either of these?  My husband and I tried Pre-Seed once but found having to stop to use the "injection tube" super un-sexy.  But, like I said, if it will actually help, we'll deal :)  Thanks girls!
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Hey, i used both, but with the pre-seed we didnt use the "injection tube" it freaked me out! we just cut it open and well ya know slammed it on! LOL
I was on fertialid for 3 weeks and got pregnant, there is another lady on here who was trying for 2 years and after 3 weeks on fertilaid got pregnant!! its all natural so it wont hurt to try and you never know after 3 weeks you could be prego!!
Good Luck!!
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hah you're referring to me! yea I was trying for 2 years and Fertilaid got me pregnant in 3 weeks. really amazing stuff and I will definitely be using it again for baby no.2. I am currently almost 26 weeks with my little girl =D I'd recommend Fetilaid to anyone!
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yes i was!! glad you found the post!!
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I just ordered pre-seed after reading so much about it.  We have been trying again after a loss in April and nothing so far...so I really hope this helps!

Mrsmurphy...I know what you mean how the tube may be "unsexy" but I think at this point for us we will try anything...and I don't know about you, but I hate the O time and having DH have to preform on certain days, especially to a very dry environment...I feel bad, like he thinks I don't want him LOL!
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Hi there I wish you the best in regards to ttc. I personally don't use anything I'm to paranoid. I have read on pee on a stick .com that those are safe to use and won't kill sperm. I hope that helps but also check with your obgyn. Have a good day!
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i totally know what you mean about being too paranoid to use anything...I lost my baby due to an abnormal fetus which we now know was because I was working around stain when i didn't know i was preg.  We had gave up hope, and then when I was I didn't even realize it!
So now that we know we can, it has become all I can think about, being pregnant for those 14 weeks was the best time in my life, and now I can't wait to be a mom.
We have been trying again for 5 months with OPK, and now I am ready to try the pre-seed, hopefully all the good things said about it are true!  The obgyn's seem to agree that it is safe to use.  Wish me luck!
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hi girls! thanks for all the great comments.  the preseed and fertilaid arrived today and i think we'll give it a shot....this time WITHOUT the little tubes.  its a fine line to walk....wanting to be spontaneous but wanting to make sure we do what we need to do ;)  i just don't want ttc to become like a science project!! patience patience patience :)
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we hit that science project feeling last month, which led to a long talk about continuing to try with the OPK.  I later found the pre-seed and talked to DH about it and he agreed that it would be exciting again to have something different to try, and it should make it easier on him...anything to make it fun...after all a baby is about love and should be conceived with love, as much as I want a baby, I also want to remember when we conceived him/her and remember that it was conceived with love, not just calender dates and temps!
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I'm so sorry for your loss. You know I feel the same way. I was just reading another question in a different forum and she was asking about hcg numbers. I just had a M/C in sept at 5 1/2 weeks and her numbers were thousands more than mine. You know I sent her a note saying congrats. It stinks in my world but it makes me happy to read that other women are having happy endings. Best of luck to you my friend. Thanks againg for the kind words! Lots of sticky baby dust to us and everyone else on here.
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I just read your comment about TTC being a science project. Ha too funny. I'm laughing cause the other night I was asking my DH like 20 questions from is your underwear to tight to now you don't get to overheated at work and you don't drink alot of soda. Then when we are getting ready I'm like okay now remember don't move for at least 20 mins. Ha he finally said babe you are taking the fun out it! I can totally relate Patience is something I definately need! Do you know where I can order some! LOL. Good luck to you and baby dust lots of it!
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What are the ingredients in Ferilaid?  I think they have Fertilaid for men too.  What are it's main ingredients?
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basically lots and lots of vitamins. go to www.fertilaid.com for the complete list and an explanation of why each is important.  you are right, they do make fertilaid for men too :)
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