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How many weeks after a miscarriage can you become pregnant again
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"Want" to become pregnant, or "can" become pregnant.
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I heard you are most fertile in the first 6months I believe. Depending on the circumstances can be different, if you have passed everything and you want to try again, some Drs say you can right away. Some Drs say to wait two periods just to get your flow back on track and then try again. Also, depends where your mental/emotional state is as well. After my first miscarriage, I was very upset and determined to "get pregnant" since I wanted another child. In my mind, I was going to get pregnant and I did get pregnant right away yet ended in a 2nd miscarriage. I was more devastated/upset/uncertain if I would be able to bare children and even quit my job because it was too much to lose twice in a short amount of time. I waited after that miscarriage few periods and now am currently 8wks pregnant. I believe I am less of a wreck now because I waited a little bit so I could be more mentally/emotionally prepared for this pregnancy/baby.
Good luck to you!! ;)
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You can get pregnant right after a miscarriage. However you won't ovulate again until you're HCG levels are at 0. I recently went through a miscarriage and tried to get pregnant again right off the back and I'm hoping and praying it happened. Just make sure you're mentally ready to try again.
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