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Pregnancy troubles

I've been trying to have a baby with my husband. It's been 2 years of trying. I don't understand whats going on if it's him or me. I have a wierd notch that it might be me when I was a kid i drank gasoline by accident. Im not sure if maybe that damaged something inside of me.
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Hi, sorry it has been such a task to conceive.  It's this way for a lot of women so do not be disheartened.  Only about 5% of women end up never being able to have a baby--  so, it may take time, but let's hope this all works out for you.  No, I don't think drinking gasoline would affect anything.  But, it would be helpful if you go to your ob/gyn and begin investigating why it's not happening and start doing some tests.  They can shoot dye up into you which shows if there are any blockages.  Things like that.  They can give you meds to increase ovulation.  They can test your partner's sperm count.  Those types of things.  After two years, this is your next step.  So, see your ob/gyn and start that process.  Let us know how it goes!
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