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Should i take a test again??

My periods was late this month by a week but when it came i had very less bleeding compared to normal ones and was weird.At the first two days it was dark maroon with clots which changed to light redish pink on 3rd day.usually i bleed for 3-4 days and have a normal bleeding level.I took a test while i was late.that is 3 days after missing my usual date but was negative.Should i take another test.Is there still a chance for a positive result??
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Unfortunately that you have received your periods chances are low that you are pregnant. Sometimes menses comes late from the due date. This might be hindered by different factors. Like say change of environment or meals. I personally I am an irregular person. I am very sensitive with any change in the external. That means when I travel, I might even miss my periods for 2 months. It is something normal to me. And I cannot say that there is something wrong cause the doctor checked me out. So missing periods for a week should not worry you. It seems you are so much looking forward to conceive. But you cannot keep your hopes that high. Even after you have seen that you have already started receiving the periods. I don't think if you are pregnant. However, you can keep on trying. But on this one. Do not rely a positive outcome form it.
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