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So frustrated

I stopped using birth control (Nuvaring) last June. I had regular periods immediately after, conceived in Sept and lost it at about 6 weeks in October. Used a ring again immediately after to give my body a break before getting pregnant again, and ever since then, my hormones have been wacky! I had a period in January and a period in April, but nothing in between or since. (I also probably had a small cyst on an ovary around March, but I haven't had any spotting or pain in at least a month, maybe two.)
I'm getting so frustrated! I started taking Vitex 3-4 weeks ago in hopes that it'll help me balance out my hormones and start ovulating again, but so far I haven't really noticed anything. Theoretically I should have gotten my period last week, but no dice.
Does anybody have any advice? I really don't want to go back on birth control pills, I'd prefer to stick to something natural if at all possible. I also just want to get on with this. I'm not tracking temp or anything else, and my husband and I are having sex the same amount as usual, so it's not like I'm psychologically stressing about this or anything.
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Now I'm spotting a little, still haven't had a period since April. Anybody have any ideas or suggestions? Please?
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i had the mirena in for 4 1/2 years and got it taken out july 24th, 2013.  Didnt have a period until 6 weeks later after it was took out.  The whole time i had the mirena i did not have a period.  My doctor done blood work and come to find out i was not ovulating.  I have taken 1 cycle of clomid 50mg and was 3 days late and now am bleeding but it is very little.  I took a prego test and it came back negative.  It is all so confusing.  If i was u i would prob make a doctor appointment and see if they can help u.  I jus called and left a message for the nurse to call me back because i feel sick to my stomach and my boobs r hurting and i dont want to start takin another round of clomid becasue if i am pregnant i dont need to.  Clomid can definetly help u ovulate if u are not because it made me ovulate.  Not sure if this is any help of all to u but i wanted to comment back on ur post.
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