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The Dreaded Two Week Wait

Hello all! I am sorry if any of the following is not allowed, please let me know and I will remove: here it goes....
Hubby and I have been TTC since October.  I have mittleschmerz and experience dark brown spotting along with cramping around the time I ovulate.  We tried on 11/28/15 in the morning and later that evening I had my mittleschmerz symptoms (brown spotting and cramping on my left side).  We tried again on 12/1/15.  On Friday (around 7dpo) I used the bathroom and had bright pink spotting, only lasted two wipes.  Second bathroom stop a few hours later, very light faint bright pink and then nothing. Does this sound like implantation bleeding? Later on that day I started feeling light twinges/spasms in my left calf which I had never felt before.  Since then I have been feeling more tired that usual, light cramps in lower stomach, bloated and extremely gassy.  I was never a gassy person but this week has been bad.  Also, every now and then I get a stinging sensation in my nipples, otherwise no change in shape or color. My cycles are usually 30-34 days, last period was 11/15 - 11/19 and next one isn't for another 10 days.  I was just looking for input, opinions and people to share their experience.  I hope and pray this is it and I get my BFP this month!! Thanks in advance :-)
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wondering same thing. Has light pink spotting two days. Just when I wipe. Mild cramping but nothing like normal cycle. Period due the 11th. Hoping no AF and positive within next week.
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