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I'm curious to know why can't I get pregnant after my iud was removal back on November 14th of 2017 I haven't had a period either someone please help me
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Hi.  Oh, TTC is fun but a major pain in the behind sometimes!  Been there.  That you haven't had a period is going to make this tougher.  You really need to get to the point of having a regular cycle.  Talk to your doctor about this.  They may be able to jump start your period with some hormonal supplementation.  And see if it can then get regular again.  That's really the first step and until you begin ovulating, pregnancy can't happen naturally.  Once you are ovulating, the process truly begins.  Then you start tracking your cycle.  Cycle day one is the first day of your period and then on cycle day 10, you begin having sex every other day for the next 10 days to catch the egg.  But you need to start ovulating before any of that can happen.  Schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss.  good luck
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have you done a pregnancy test?  i had a friend that had her IUD removed and she never got her period because she was pregnant.  
as specialmom said, if you aren't pregnant, call your OBGYN and see about your options.
good luck
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