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Trying to conceive after weight loss

I'm 32 and me and my husband are ttc. We don't currently have any children. This is the first month we have officially tried, I have lost 7 and a half stone in weight before starting to try to give us a better chance, my BMI is currently 32. I have a 30 day cycle like clock work for the last 8 months. My period was due yesterday but hasn't arrived. I have had period cramps and sore breasts for 3 days. I took a HPT 3 days before my period was due and it was negative. What do you think my chances are of being pregnant and also when's the best time to test if still no sign of my period? Thank you
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I think you should be more patient. It is not too early to start counting your eggs. Perhaps you should wait till they hatch. You should also know that weight affects fertility. It seems you have been battling with weight loss. It is good that you have managed to shed off the few pounds. It means a lot for self motivation. So it has been a months trying to conceive. That is not long. So you should not start by keeping your morale that high. If you had cramps and sore breast. That means your periods are on the way. Unless they are the new symptoms of being pregnant. You even started taking HPT before your due date. That shows how desperate you are for a child. You should at least be patient. It is only one day that has passed. Maybe they are just a week late. I am seeing your optimism is exaggerated. However much you wish to have a bay. You should learn to give it time. I know of people of have gone years TTC. This particular couple I know went for 12 years. So just be patients and not pee on your stick every month. Unless otherwise their is proof enough o do that.
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