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Trying to conceive but my husbands sperm won't seem to stay ??

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over a year now and nothing :( I'm really starting to loose hope  but my main concern is that my husbands sperm doesn't seem to stay inside me I've tried everything putting a pillow under my hips and raising my legs but honestly it just seems to drip out I'm scared that, that is the reason that I'm not pregnant has anyone else had this problem and if so have you successfully gotten pregnant naturally with out any drugs??
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The fluid that comes gushing out after sex isn't actually the sperm, although it does contain some sperm. What leaks back out is the semen- the fluid in which the sperm is carried. The sperm is not lifeless. It swims, it moves, and it immediately begins moving upward in your vagina towards the uterus once your husband ejaculates, so even if the fluid comes back out immediately, SOME sperm is still getting into your uterus. So don't worry about that..you're still getting sperm, I promise. It can take the average, healthy couple a year OR TWO to conceive even without fertility issues. However, in many countries, after a year of actively trying to conceive you will be eligible to consult with a fertility specialist and I would recommend doing this just to get a full physical exam on yourself and your husband and make sure everything is in tip-top shape so you can maximize your conception chances. They won't necessarily put you on medication, but at least they'll be able to give you more information about your fertility and help you figure out the best way to conceive.
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Try raising your legs in the air for at least 20 min after sex. Do not freak out if it comes out after that! there's thousands of those little swimmers they have to go somewhere :) good luck TTC
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Try raising your legs and keeping it thier for 10mins while your ovulating. If you not taking ovulation tests to see when your ovulating it really works. My husband and I have been ttc for 2 years and I just found out today I'm 3 weeks pregnant and I held my legs up while ovulating.
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Thank you I do keep track of my ovulation days but I seems like nothing :( and Congrats :)
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I also have the same problem. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for 2 years and as soon as he ejaculates , his semen just drips out. Even if I lay with my legs up for an hour ( which I have desperately done) it eventually still drips out ( sometimes hours later, which can prove extremely embarrassing). I've always wondered if this has to do with my inability to fall pregnant, and have also wondered if this is a mainstream issue or a one of case. Thanks for all the answers and thanks for asking the question Maria 1990. My husband and I are going to a fertility clinic at the end of the month so hopefully we will get some answers there. Good luck!
Hi, we have been trying for a year now and have the same issue with my husband. Can you please tell if u went to the dr. And this was the issue or something else? Please reply if you can. Thanks.
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I know its been 5 years. We have the same problem with my husband. Was this the issue for not conceiving ? I m really worried too. Please reply if you can.thanks
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Me and my husband were trying for 2 years straight having sex like crazy I did everything I ate healthy I took ovulation tests and it never happened for us I finally said forget about it maybe it's just not in our cards I will stop trying Just Had Sex and I we always did and if it happened it happened and if it didn't it didn't... about six months after we stop stressing about it I became pregnant my son is now 7 years old we have A 3 year old and I'm currently six months pregnant never give up hope just let God's plan work it always does
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This used to happen to me but I noticed one I completely relax my body while he's inside most of the sperm stays inside.. I used to clench my stomach unknowingly so try completely relaxing your mind and your body and enjoy the ride
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