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White/Clear Discharge during day 2 of missed period. Pregnant or normal?

I am two days late on my period and am having clear/white discharge. I am also having a dull pain in my lower back. Usually when I am late on a period I am still have period like symptoms just with no blood, it is different this time. I have never had discharge during days of a missed period.
Do you think I could be pregnant?
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Perhaps.  Did you test yet?   Let us know!!!!  
and good luck!!  :)
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I am going to take one in the morning! I hope its positive!
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okay, I just took 2 dollar tree pregnancy tests and they both showed up as negative... do you think I should get a first response? I am now 3 days late.
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Hmm...I would wait at least 4 more days and then test again.  I found out with a  FR, and then a few days later used an equate test from Wally-World.  ;)
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well, I just took a FR and it was negative... I am now 5 days late.

is it posible it is wrong?
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you need to keep waiting i would say, im 18days late and still a neg! docs told me it can take upto 3wks for a test to show positive, and if still a negative after 3wks go for blood test thats what im doing :)
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Hi there... I'm actually 11 weeks and 3 days pregnant.  :)  I left the message for MAV7217
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did you see a change in your breasts before you received a positive test?
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Well, I felt it more than anything.  My ( .Y. )'s were so sore and swollen.   My nipple diameter increased also (areola too).  I didn't really see a bunch of stuff happen until about 5 weeks pregnant.  At that point, I went out and bought bigger bras, which I now seem to be outgrowing!  :P
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ha omg! For me it is weird because I am taking pregnancy tests and it is telling me negative however my ( . Y . ) (love that diagram btw!) are changing. They are swollen and my actual nipple is bigger than normal. If I were to be pregnant I would be 5 and a half weeks according to the dr. but actually 2 and half after possible conception. I wonder if my breasts can act like this just because of a messed up period? Do you have any idea about that? I am waiting on the dr. to call me back as I am hoping to make some sort of apt. Also, do you know if you can be bloated from pregnancy? If so, this early in pregnancy?
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p.s. both my ( . Y . ) and my nipples are sore. My breasts are so sore that they hurt when I walk!
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Hmm...well I know that the hormone progesterone is the culprit of the changing boobies...and it increases before AF and in pregancy, causing breast changes in both situations.  But I really couldn't tell you if it's a definitive sign.  

And yes, you can be very very very very very bloated in early pregnancy!!!   I sure was.  My bloating is only just now starting to abate.  I still weight the same as pre-pregnancy (thank goodness, since I was slightly overweight to begin), but I weighed more at first b/c of all the water retention.  The excessive amounts of progesterone that cause your little eggie to stick and grow at first also slow down the digestive track, so if you are bloated, you may be constipated (ew)  too.   lol.  not so fun...

I hope you get into the dr asap!  
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