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baby dust 7-...with a little bit of labour dust too!!

hi girls!  i am starting a new thread as things were quite slow over on our other thread...  i added a little extra labor dust to this site for us "ready to labour" gals!!
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:)  Much labor to you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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Its almost depressing that we didnt make our announcements on the last thread , but im SUPER excited to think this will be the one!!......Im excited your having contractions!! thats a good sign!....do you have any back labor so far?......I think thats what im having right now , and have been since middle of the night , it didnt get too painful until about 4 hours ago , but now it kinda comes in waves of intensity & im wondering if thats whats going on & im not feeling so much crampy as I am just alot of pain in my hips & lower abdomen.....I had to call out to L&D cause I wasnt sure what I was losing this morning & she thinks it *might* be my water leaking , but it hasnt been happening nearly as bad this afternoon so maybe its not.....L&D is FULL so im still waiting on the nurse to call back & see if they want me to go get checked , because im GBS + better safe than sorry if it is fluid.......Krissy did you ever get an abundance of just like clear watery fluid? but mixed with a bit of discharge?....& like it doesnt seem to be leaking , just pooling until I have to wipe & then it just gushes.....Its so bizzare!...TMI sorry! lol......Anyways i'll post an update if anything changes but just so far sitting here waiting to see if I start to feel any definte contractions or until the backache gets unbearable I guess lol...........Keep us posted on how your contractions go hun!!!! Im sooooo excited for both of us!!!! :) YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
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katebud-thanks!!!  keeks and i are well on our way now!  i just know it!!!!

keeks-girl, i sounds like things are rolling for you too!  have you timed the contractions??  no, my d/c has not been watery.  you may be leaking which means it's almost time!!  my discharge has been white and stringy, with the exception of the blood booger this am!  pardon my ickiness, but i feel something weird going on down there now so i will go and check!  ew.  pregnancy has made me such a bodily function sicko!!  oh well, we are all family here, right??  and yes, it was depressing we couldn't make our announcements on last thread, but that is okay!  because that thread is full of our depression and crying over our babies not being here yet...this one will be full of our labour excitement and birthing stories!!  i feel bad that we had to get rid of princesska's labor announcement so soon though...but that thread filled up fast!!!  i guess with all of our gloom "poor me" posts...hehe.  

baby dust and labor dust and happy pregnancy dust to all!*****
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maybe your babies will have the same birthdays!!
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Well no good news here for me as usual!......Went out to L&D because of the weird watery d/c , and after 2 tests showed it was positive for fluid ( turns blue ) some other slide test proved it wrong , and its not.....and yep definetly have back labor & contractions that HURT , but not close enough together nor strong enough apparently to do anything....no change....so here I sit ready to just bawl my eyes out again over yet another defeating day......Im even more convinced now it just wont happen.....However I am/was losing a **** load of bloody mucous but the doctor figured it was just the plug....which whatever I lost most of it or so I thought on Monday & nothing happened so im not even gonna get my hopes up.....I swear if I have to live through these contractions & no change my Monday , I will lose my mind.....Its sooo painful & theres really nothing that makes it better so far :(.......Hopefully Krissy you've got better news to report & your sitting in L&D having little Skye.....*fingers crossed*
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hey I hope you girls get those babies soon! I've been wondering krissy everyday it'll randomly pop into my head and i'll think, I wonder if Krissy is in labor right this very minute! Its so exciting to think about isnt it! I'd be pulling my hair out if i were you, sorry you went overdue =(  But its kinda cute at the same time, she just loves it in there so much at least you know you did a wonderful job keeping her happy all those months! And as miserable as you are, i'm so jealous of you! I want to meet my little girl already! HMPH.

But in the meantime i'm enjoying her little kicks and imagining her face and hair and how pretty she'll be :)
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i can't believe it but i'm still pregnant!  i don't know what to do other than cry and feel sorry for myself!  contractions continued yesterday every 5-7 minutes but never got very painful so i didn't go to L&D.  i went to bed kind of early in case i needed to get up in the middle of the night to go to the hospital...the contractions woke me up at 4:30 this morning but again, were uncomfortable, but definitely not painful.  and they aren't happening often enough for me to time.  i have been cleaning my entire house for the last 2 hours and i have about 2 more hours of work to do.  hoping that will move things along.  i probably should have done more walking yesterday but with the hurricane, it was really nasty to be out driving around.  so, perhaps it's my fault for sitting on my butt most of the day.  did bounce on my ball, but maybe not enough.  why won't she come out?????  i had that one spat of gloppy bloody goo and nothing else!  i'm back to feeling discouraged and just want to cry!!!!!

keeks-i'm sorry your day sucked too!  waaaaahh for us!  maybe by christmas...
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ok i have a issue and dont mean to give tmi but we all do at times.....af came august 31...and so i am only on cd8...is it possible to O earlier than you expected?  i had a couple twinges last night and then after bding there was what looked like ewcm...and then just now....when i went to loo and wiped there was another glob of what appeared to be ewcm.....could it be from dh or is it probably truly ewcm???

i dont mean to be graphic if i have...sorry for that.

i am just so confused sometimes, because of how erratic my cycle is....and if i am Oing now...at around cd8 then if i dont conceive then i should have af 14-16 days from today right?  

i just wanted to check and see if it is possible to O early cause i know you can O late....or like i said if it could be something with dh's swimmers or fluid or whatever....idk

hopefully it is O and this will be my month...lol =)

any input would be great....

hugs, luv and ssbd
to those who are patiently waiting...hopefully those little bubs will be in your arms very very soon....chin up and dont feel too discouraged.
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Well I really really hope that krissy and keeks are in the hospital having babies. Sending labour dust to you guys!!

I got a BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! check our the pics. I am still in shock
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Congrats hkenny....hopefully there will be more coming soon.
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haven't heard from keeks or krissy in a while.
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I am trying to figure out how to get her to move from being side ways. She seems to have found her favorite position which is side ways and likes to kick and punch on my right and left hip side so I have a pinched nerve in both my hips and gets hard to mve because it hurt=) LOL joys of babies.
So how is everyone else doing?
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I am sending super sticky honey covered baby dust to you!***************************
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oh hkenny thanks...hopefully it will work...lol

i am due to O around the 16th...or so that is what all the calculators are telling me, so i think i will be trying to bd every other day starting tomorrow...only reason i say that is cause dh has already crashed....lol

anyhow hopefully all will go well and i will have a big fat positive on my birthday (sept 30) which just so happens to be the day that i should start af....hopefully i get a pink line instead of a red flo....lmao

anyhow hope all is well with everyone and super duper sticky babydust covered in honey to you all....*******************
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Hey does anyone happen to know if it's legal to put a car seat in the front seat if there is no back seat? We have a truck with no back seat but we can't exactly up and buy different car right now so would that be legal to put it in the passenger's seat? Also, we do not have airbags, I think that's a plus considering it would make the car seat being up there more dangerous. Any thoughts?
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joyce-could it be leftover sperm that you are finding rather than ewcm?

jamie-my girl was sideways forever too!  i rocked on all 4s 10-15 minutes 2 or 3 times a day and in a week or two, she was head down!  plus, that is a very comfortable position for breathing.  even though she is wear she is supposed to be now (well not really, she should be in my arms right now!!!) i still assume that position at times for comfort purposes.

tfernandez-in maryland, it is not legal.  it may be different from state to state.  call the fire dept or health dept or whomever does the seat inspections in your state.

keeks-girl, i hope the labor dust worked for you...it surely hasn't worked for me!!  you are just a few days before you due date---you must be freaking out unless you are lucky and have you beautiful little one!!!  it's still a boy, right ;-)  hehe.

update:  i'm now 4 days pass my due date!  waaaaah!!!  i did learn that what i am experiencing isn't all in my mind.  it's called prodromal labor and is a long labor of consistant contractions that don't increase in intensity but are said to lead (eventually) into active labor.  so, all i can do is wait.  today i am getting a pedicure and hopefully this afternoon i will deliver my baby (yea right!!!  but i can hope!!!).  
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So it is labor, just slow labor?  

I hope it opens you up a bit more!!!!  :)

Joyce- I would guess it's swimmers too, if  you are checking right after BDing.  EWCM and the semen swimmers are in often have the same properties, so they can travel easier.  You don't use lube when you bd do you?  Sometimes that can create somewhat of a barrier to your cervix (I've read).  If so, mabye try saliva? (it sounds grosser than it is)  ;)  Also, I've read that if you use a soap down there, it can dry out your glands that produce mucous too...so maybe some gentle rubbing and warm to hot water?  
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and katebud-dont use saliva it kills sperm!! i read that in my prego book, the only thing they recommend is preseed and i have a cramp load of it that i dont need so if you want i can mail it to you. let me know!

krissy-what about even primrose oil, they said it can help you dilate?
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Krissyy- so what do you mean by rocking on all fours?
I think it would be helpful to do something to move her from being side ways. I can definitely tell she isn't as hyper active as my boys were though, like she moves but its different compared to when I was carrying my boys. But definitely tell the pregnancy is different and not nly because there is one, but just carrying higher etc.

ALL- http://www.shadeclothing.com/Product/Womens/Modest/Maternity/Overview

So this is a website I was sent for maternity shirts and what not they are pretty cheap, simple yet they loook comfy at the same time. Just figured I would share it, if not it doesn't matter.

Keeks- you have been gone for awhile does that mean baby has come?

Joyce- It could of been sperm, but like katebud I have also heard that soap does help dry out mucus etc.
Unfortunately female bodies are made to kill sperm our mucus or whatever it is is too acidic for sperm, that is why ovulation time is the only time it is able to get pregnant the sperm can actually live in that stuff=) I just think that it is funny.
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katebud-yes, very slow labor apparently.  things seem to be picking up though.  my contractions have begun coming about 10 minutes apart for the last hour or two.  i haven't been timing them closely because i don't want to obsess but i may start soon.  they are getting a little more uncomfortable and i am excited about that!!

hkenny-i haven't tried primrose oil, but i am considering it.  i have been taking red raspberry leaf capsules. i don't think it neccessarily brings on labor, but it is supposed to tone your uterus allowing for more effective contractions and faster dialation--meaning hopefully faster labor!  well, once i actually reach active labor that is...

jamie-get on your hands and knees as if you were going to scrub the floor and tilt your pelvis up, down, back and forth and all do some rocking moving your hips up and down.  my husband enjoys watching ;-)

keeks-i just know you are having that baby and am so excited to hear all about it and see the pictures!  my thoughts are with you girl!!  painfree-fast labor dust to you!****
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hkenny- you are right!  lol.  I forgot about saliva being too acidic.  Most everything about the female body is acidic, lol.  ;)  we are just mean that way.  I'm surprised the menfolk don't get burned when they park the car.  


Krissyy- Yay to labor, even if it's a little slow!   I've read that those are the most painless (read it in the Bradley method book).  They call it the "putterer" for labor speed, and that it can last 3 days and beyond.  

I hope Keeks is doing well, whatever she's doing
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Thanks I should try that=)
HAHAHA your husband likes to watch that is funny. I guess I can see how that would sort of look attractive to a males perspective that is, I think my hubby would like to watch that too, and then I would feel weird =)
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katebud-seriously????  the type of labor i'm having may be the most painless?  i'm so excited!  i am going to look it up now!!!!  something good must come out of this waiting game!

jamie-yea, at this size, i don't know how it can look attractive but he is a man!
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Hey Krissy, haven't been on much, I sure hope things are progressing.  I keep prayin for that lil one to come on out now.  I know you are so ready.  I hope it goes fast, I am waitint to hear youv'e gone to the hospital........lol  Soon I am sure.  Lot and lots of labor dust********
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