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depo provera users? ttc?

Hi. Currently on depo provera. Next shot is not due until december 2015 and i would like to try conceive my 4th baby some time within the near future. Iv been researching and found you can fall pregnant anywhere between 4 months after last shot and 3 years after last shot? Also it is very bad for baby to conceive 4months after last shot or conceiving too soon? Has any one any experience on this? Madly broody. Thanks x
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How long have you been on it for
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Aparently it doesn't matter how long people are on for, it still affects fertility? Iv been on about 18 months
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Hopefully won't take u to long then I was on it for 4 years and it took me well over 3 years to have my first then another 3 years to have my second even tho I had no contraception but I'm having my 3rd now only 6 months after my second so it does wear off but takes a very long time for full fertility to come back
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According to a doctor on an online article delayed frrtility can happen even after only one shot. Aw i would love to conceive within first half of next year.. definately regret this haha thanks for your help and congratulations x
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Good luck Hun hope all goes well for you and thanks :)
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I was on the depo for 5 years didn't concieve my daughter until a year after taking it because the meds are still in your body even after your last shot
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