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good old snake juice geritol complete works

my first husben left me because I couldn't have any more babys heart braking but true.i started a new relationship been with him for 8 yrs we always dreamed of a little one at night I cryed to god for a baby.My aunt told me to try Geritol complete liquid form to help me with ovarian cysts and other problems I might been having like uncomfortable periods and cramping stuck tubs. Just old tierd blood I used Geritol for 2 months white thick discharge started passing and spots on my skin started fading hair gotten thick I look younger then 34 yrs old.I missed my period and started to speculate.My first child is 13 yrs old no more child after her now Im 11 weeks and one day prgo. Im guessing the snake juice cleaned my tubs because my doctors told me that I stopped having cysts which cause me not to have children. me and my partner tried for 8 years now where prgo im so happy.Thank you god for my aunt advice and Geritol complete.
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