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no period yet after miscarriage ??

does anyone know if you can get pregnant after a miscarriage without starting your period??
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You are actually very fertile after you miscarry.
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Yes you can.
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As posted above, yes because you ovulate before you have a period.
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thank you :) for your reply
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thank you :)
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U sure can and I have a 18 month old beautiful baby girl to prove it. It is very possible. Good,luck.
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Thank-you all so much for your comments. Come to find out I have not had a period yet after my m/c because I'm PREGNANT again!!!! Yahhhh
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that is wonderful news!
don't hate me but i asked my doctor if you are more fertile after a miscarriage (as i've been in that boat) and he said that is a myth. your lining is the same and you still release an egg like normal. everything is normal, we just know we can get pregnant. (same for d and c's)
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yay congrats. i hope u have a healthy 9 months x
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I got pregnant 2 weeks after a miscarriage and I'm now 16 weeks 4 days.
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Oh my goodness. CONGRATS TO U A MILLION TIMES OVER. I was so shocked to find out I was pregnant after immediately after a miscarriage I just kept crying cause I was so happy. I could not imagine not have my little girl. I wish u all the happiness in the world and please send updates.
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I have had Mc for 3 weeks now still waiting on my period,no pains no pregnancy symptoms I'm confused myself

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