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very short period then pinkish brown spotting

My husband and I have only been ttc for 2 months.  I am 30 years old and my period has always been very regular (every 28 days).  This past month I started on the day that I should, but it only last for a day and a half.  It is normally very heavy and lasts 5-6 days.  It stopped for a day and then I got a very light pinkish brown spotting for just a few minutes.  I know there is always a possibility of being pregnant, but I'm not really having any symptoms.  I have had some slight nausea at times, but that is all.  If I were pregnant, I would be about 3 weeks.  What do you think?
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You probably would not have symptoms yet. I never get them till at least 6 weeks so don't go by that.
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Sounds to me like you are preggo!  Like you, I could just about predict the hour when my AF would arrive.  After being a week and a half late for AF I took a hpt. becaue I was so late, I knew it would be positive...my only symptoms were a little queasy throughout the day (no morning sickness) and very tired.  You need to take a hpt!  Good luck!!
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Well I think you should take a test because that is the only way to find out. Let us know.
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A HPT should be accurate by now - have you tried taking one yet?
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take an hpt - we hold our breaths on this site waiting to hear about BFP's - love to hear good news from you. good luck!!
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The Week of the June 23rd I was feeling nauseous and sooo tired and had the thought that I may be pregnant (I don
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