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welcome girls!!!

hi girls, this is our new private forum!  i have been talking with harry from medhelp and he says that this is a semi private forum just for us to chat!!!  so, whenever you have any updates, post a question and we can start a conversation about it.  this will keep the chats shorter so it won't be as hard/long for us to open!  also, for those of you that don't have profiles set up, you can do that to and we can message eachother personally.  you can also add pictures, journals, etc.  

when i say semi private, that means that people can still find us if they come upon us thru a search engine, otherwise, i will be just us!  this is exciting!  i hope all is well with everyone!!!  
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Hi!!!  I am so glad I found this thing as easily as I did.

How is everything going, krissyy?  Is your baby being good to you today?
All the other prego ladies:  I hope today is a great day for you all!  I know that I am batteling the pms monster...I got my annual year end review at work and it was actually pretty good, but I seem to be sweating the small stuff, the "areas of opportunity," as they call them...I've cried 2x's already today about it.  My hubby is going nuts lately b/c of my tenency to cry easily...do you cry this easily in pregnancy? :P  
If so, dh will have to grow a thicker skin... :D

I hope that baby dust lands on me soon and sticks. :)  *******and some to all*********
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baby is being great!  haven't been sick since sunday!  horray!!!!  

your hubby is like mine!  pregnancy definitely has made me more weepy...not really grumpy or mean, just weepy...  hubby is having difficulty with it.  i tried to explain to him that it's the hormones, but i think he still struggles to understand that the silliest things make me cry...  so, that is definitely something that your dh will have to get used to!  my friends tell me it gets even worse right after you have the baby!

i am sure that you will gather some baby dust here...after all, that is the name of our new site! ;-)
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Hi girls

This is great! thanks krissy for organising our own little comunity. i have been able to download my photo and update my profile and everything. katebud this new forum is luck for you and you will be joining us preggo ladies very soon i think. krissy so happy for you your sickness is subsiding! mine is worse than ever and i am finding everyday life very hard. especially with my 2 year old. i had my first scan on monday and my new official date is 14th sept. which outs me back a week but doc said baby was just too small to be a 12 weeker. i have to have another scan in 2 weeks to make sure it is growing properly with all the vomitting i am doing. good chance to get to see bub again anyway which is the only exciting thing for me so far. hope you continue to feel well and i will try to stay a little bit ore updated in our new community!!! baby dust to you katebud*******************************************
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i am so sorry that you must go thru this sickness!  it was really hard for me and i can't imagine what you must be going thru!  and you say it lasts the whole 9 months for you???  is there anything that they can give you?  

that is exciting you get to see little jellybean again so soon.  are you going to find out the gender?  i get to see my jellybean next week when i get the nuchal scan.  i will also get my first pictures!
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Had an ultrasound on tuesday and my official due date is sept 1st. Found out the placenta is going right across the front of my uterus..i wonder if i will feel any of the kicking????  The heartbeat is in the 170's. So, im thinking girl cause it is so high. my daughters was always high like that. and everyolne i know with boys was always in the 140's. I can ramble for days, but need to get taxes done.

On a better note..this new forum is so exciting...thank you for creating it!!!!
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Hi Krissy,

Thank you for organizing this forum.Have a nice day.
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