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why not me??

I've been wanting a baby for a long time now.  I'm 37 and my boyfriend and I are very sexually active. We do not use protection,  However, he does not finish inside me every time. My doctor says I am fertile and can become pregnant whether he finishes inside me or not. Has anyone here become pregnant from pre ejaculate....or am I just wishing for something that is just not going to happen?
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One mama shared her story here. She slept with two men one with her boy friend anf one with someone els, she said that both of them did not ejaculate inside her. She posted the Q ask help to fond out who is the father...
I hope every thing goes well for you and her
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You could always track your basil temp to find those 3 key days for him to follow through to the finish then lay there for 10-15 minutes before getting up.  Elevating your pelvis with a pillow will also help.  I did fertility treatments and that was part of my early regimen.
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I am pregnant from precum but I think you need to stop trying or stop focusing on it so much and maybe it will happen! I use try hard to get pregnant and when I stop trying here I am now pregnant. Nevertheless good luck honey
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I tried for 2 years to conceive my firsr. 3 years to conceive my second. My second just turned 1 and I am 21/5 weeks with #3. I always got pregnant after giving up.
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My husband and I use the withdrawal method - I have an eight year old girl and am 27 weeks pregnant with daughter number two. It definitely does happen!
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Thank you for your replies. Maybe I should relax and not try so hard. I just feel nervous because I'm not getting any younger.  Congrats to all of you expecting!
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