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?? Positive OPK??

Thank you for taking the time to read my question.
Question: is it possible for the digital clear blue easy to give a false smiley face?
Details: I took CLOMID five days on my cycle 3-5.
After that I had to wait to see when I ovulated.
Yesterday I tested OPK in the morning and it was negetive. I got curious so I tested three more times throughout the day. My husband said let's go get dinner....
When I got home around 9:40 pm I tested one more time and the smiley face appeared.
We immediately had sex. After that I tested again and the smiley face was gone.
So with all this being said I am wondering if that only positive OPK was a false? I thought the test indicator would give you a smiley for a least a day?
More details: yesterday while I was testing I noticed spotting and right side abdominal pain.
Today...... No spotting and no pain. Just a little bit of lower back pain.
Please give advise if you think you can help
Thank you.
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How much time did u leave between the smiley test tjen the negative following it??? If it was less than 4 hours then that will be why. As far as I know it's not possible for it to be wrong, lots if things are different with LH hormone testing. Wishing you luck, personally I'd stick to the two line tests or checking cervical mucous and/or BBT charting :)
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I've heard it all.  Test false but still pregnant.  Tests never lie.   I'd test in a few days.  Or get a blood test.  
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Bless you and thank you so much for taking the time to help.
I only waited probably about a hour or 1.5 hours before I tested again.
Your right......... Looks like I should have waited at least four hours. Even the box says not to re test until a few hours passes.
I can say for sure that the spotting stopped and no more pain.
I am really praying this was the real thing.
I will go for my progesterone check on July 21st.
Thank you again!!!!!
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I'd say take your morning temp and see if it's rising. I know temping is a pain in the rear, but it's really the only way to confirm you really ovulated. Aside from that, I know you can get a false positive on opks but it's pretty rare. Your best bet is to keep having lots of sexy time for the next 5 days. Once a day at least! Do you have any secondary symptoms like ewcm? What cd are you on?
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Thank you kindly for taking the time to read my post.
I had my cycle on July 1st and took CLOMID on day 3-7.
Yesterday I did have mucus, spotting and right side pain.
Today the symptoms went away.....
Its just weird about the OPK reading. I truly Think because I re tested within a hour the digital OPK was off.
I guess we will find out in two weeks.
Thanks again for Responding.
How is your pregnancy coming along? How are you feeling? Only two more weeks and your in the safe zone!!!
Can't wait to see what's in your belly either blue or pink :)
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You're welcome :)
I went to you're page and saw that would put your ovulation at cd12... Kind of early especially on a clomid cycle. Maybe try testing opks for a few more days. I know you got those expensive digi smiley ones though!!! So expensive!!!
I'm getting real nervous about baby being healthy so keep s in your prayers please!!
Sending you tons of baby dust for a successful cycle with a BFP!
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Thanks for another response Cher. Yes, I have been testing since I saw the smiley face. My body always ovulate around the 10th or 11th day. That's why early day on the 10th I was getting worried. Then as you know I tested later on at 9:40 and got my smiley face.
Our bodies can be so mean and cruel at TTC. I hope I am right and I will know for sure on the 21st.
What I didn't mention is that when I was on CLOMID in 2011 I got pregnant with my first daughter. I kid you not it was the same symptoms as what I just had. .......spotting and side cramps. I am really hoping it will be the same result for another bfp.
I will definitely let you know after my progesterone check on July 21st.
I will be praying for you and your little baby inside. I truly think you will be fine and God has plans for you to be a mommy again. How many children will this be for you? Would you want anymore after this pregnancy?
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Ooh and I forgot to mention. Yes the digital OPK are super expensive. It costs me $40.00 just for a month supply. On top of the CLOMID isn't covered by my insurance. And all the vitms and metformin.
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ok then it sounds like early ovulation is common for you! I think you have a great chance of catching the eggie :)
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You are super sweet :).
How are you feeling? What did you do this weekend?
Have you and your husband thought of any baby names? I know its early however time will be flying by. And before you know it blue or pink will be here.
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