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? about tubal ligation

I'm 35 and due with my 4th baby in Aug. I've decided to get my tubes tied after this baby. I don't know if it will be done before I leave the hospital or if I'll have to go back a few weeks later. What I'd like to know is what I should expect as far as pain and recovery.
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I had my tubes done after my fourth child. They did it in the hospital after my CS. But let me say I regret it every day. not only that after my divorce I found and married my best friend but also the battle with my weight, hormones.It may be exactly what you want. I thought so to. until 5 years later. Good luck.
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Thank you for the advice. I can't imagine having more than 4 children. I can barely imagine having 4 actually. What does a tubal do to your weight and hormones?
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I would consider other forms of non-surgical permanent birth control. Im investigating Essure right now after my birth in Sept.
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I had one with my c-section, 1st and last baby, age 39 at birth (age 40),  I don't regret it and I didn't notice anything extra with the recovery, I had no real problems with it, but then again I don't know what a c-section recovery  without the tubal feels like so ???  I've always battled my weight so I'm not sure I know what the link is there.

Good luck with whatever you decide,
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Thanks ladies! I had the mirena between my last 2 kids and it was great to not have my period but the progesterone kept me from losing the pregnancy weight. I'll do some more research.
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Look up "post tubal ligation syndrome." Not sure if it's real or not - but it's worth investigating. I had issues after my tubal related to hair loss, weight gain, etc. But there are other factors that could have contributed to that (stress).

Let me just suggest this, though - do some long, hard thinking. I regretted my tubal the NIGHT I had my son. And, at that point, I had no idea just how much more I would end up regretting it. I truly wish that doctors would make women see a counselor before making such a decision. We have to see counselors before we do so many other things - and this is such a serious decision. I wish someone has asked me these questions: 1) if you won the lottery and money was not on concern, would you want more children? 2) if, God forbid, something happened to your baby, would you want another one? Basically, if your life circumstances changed (divorce, death of spouse and remarriage, etc.) would you EVER, EVER want another baby. Is there ANY circumstance you'd want another? If the worst happened and you lost your family, would you want another baby someday?

Just food for thought. Because if those questions had been posed to me, I would NOT have had my tubes tied. And the worst DID happen to me - I lost my baby when he was two months old. I had tubal reversal surgery in February, but it appears that it didn't work - my tubes are blocked. Now I am in a position I never thought I'd be in - wanting a child with all my heart and not able to get pregnant and no money for IVF. So - just think about those things before making such a permanent decision.

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