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spotting for a weeek but normal heartbeet found

Hi I started peach and brown colored spotting on tissue almost a week ago after hard BM. WEnt to doctors and ultrasound showed a 7 week old with heart beet of 152 bpm. I thought was only 6 weeks so thats good. Ultrasound also showed adark spot near yok sac that could be implantation. I have had 2 miscarriages in past 18 mos. Also had a low placenta and subcutaneous bleed heavy at 12 weeks with 2nd child. I'm 38 but very healthy and feeling very pregnant. Should I be worried that bleeding hasn't stopped still. It did stop for a day but came back a little more than before it varies from brown to clear peach. please any honest answers are very much appreciated. THank you Kristin
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This could have been posted by me.  I completely know how worried you are right now.  I too have had multiple miscarriages.  I am a bit older then you...40.  This pregnancy I started spotting pretty early on.  Same as you, that brown discharge stuff. 6 week ultrasound showed all was well. They  found a healthy heartbeat (first time I had ever seen one).  I continued to spot off and on.  The day before my 9 week ultrasound I  had bright red bleeding.  No sleep that night, but next day ultrasound things again were perfect.  Nice strong heartbeat, baby was moving and development was exactly where it should be.  Spotting continued for a few days, stopped for a few days and again bright red bleeding.  This time there was a clot. No ultrasound this time, but doppler showed a strong heartbeat.  About a week or so ago I once again had the bright red, no clotting this time.  I phoned my Dr.;s office and upon review of my ultrasound they found a hematomma which sounds a bit like what you are describing.  No bleeding since then and this week I had my first trimester screen..things continue to be perfect and baby was incredibly developed, sucking his or her thumb, it was incredible!!

I am posting my story in hopes that it brings you some peace.  Your fear is natural with your history, but bleeding does not necessarily mean that you are losing the baby.  In fact, 30% of women will experience some spotting or bleeding in their first trimester and most will have perfectly normal pregnancies.  The fact that they found a heartbeat and it is strong is a very very promising sign.  Your chances of miscarriage drop dramatically after a strong heartbeat.

I hope you are able to relax and enjoy.  Keep your OB informed, but it sounds like it isn't much to worry about...only a few weeks away from your second trimester!!!!
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I am 36 and very excited about my first pregnancy. I am 6w1d and yesterday had some spotting and mild cramping in the morning. Of course I panicked and called my OB. Ultrasound today showed a regular heartbeat (112) which relieved me but I am still so worried that something might be wrong. The most difficult thing is that there nothing I can do but hope. Thanks Adgal for your post, it really cheered me up! :)
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