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1st day of last cycle was May 17, 09 and as of today I am having no pregnant symptoms

Hello Ladies,

I am just terrified that a m/c is getting ready to take place again:-(  Counting by the first day of my last cycle I believe I should be around 7 wks give or take. However, I have never been educated on doing the math for that part.  I have started to have some brown spotting that comes and goes with mild cramps in my legs.  I went for a u/s to a private u/s tech in my area on June 26, and she measured me at 6wks and some days, and said she only saw a sack that was open. However, I didn't feel I was that far along at that time.  My appt with my doc is not until next Monday the 13 of July and he refuse to do any blood work.  He said he would rather do a u/s to see the progress.  I am trying to stay and think positive; sadly to say, I just can't help but to think this is another m/c waiting to happen again.  I never like having double standards for I know that is not good.

Can any of you ladies tell me by the first day of my last cycle that usually last about 5 - 6 days, how far along I should be (May 17)?  My next question is should I be concern about the brown spotting and cramps in my legs? Last, but surely not least:-) Shouldn't I be having some kind of symptoms by now? The only symptoms I did have is tiresome (which I still have from time to time), and sore breast that didn't last long at all.

Your input I would love to hear. Thanking each of you in advance for taking time to read my post and respond to it.

Love Yolanda
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Reading about symptomless pregnancies is giving me newfound hope, strength, and faith to carry on.  I'll find out tmw when I have my test.  So far, only slight nausea for me.  Take care, girls and pray for me and I'll do the same for you all.  SSBD
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I was the same entire way with my girls, I knew I was pregnant.   I will be so overwhelm and excited if this is a boy because truly thats what I have been praying for:-)  However, I will love and cherish this baby just the same if it's another girl:-)  I am on a much needed vacation away from home so that I wouldn't sit around worrying myself waiting on Monday.  I will posted as soon as I return from the doc on Mon.  As of this morning I am still seeing a small amt of brown discharge.  

Take care and thanks again for your post...

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Just adding my two cents. I am 20 weeks 4 days with a perfectly healthy little boy. I had absolutely NO symptoms with this pregnancy! NONE. No sore boobs, no nausea, nothing. I was convinced each and every time that I would go in and they would see nothing, or a baby that had passed on the ultrasound, but there he was, beating heart and all. I had always heard of women with symptomless pregnancies and never thought it was possible, but here I am with one! I bet you are fine and having a boy! This is my sixth child. My first four were girls and now these last two are boys. I had horrible MS with them and with my first boy had barely any, just a tad bit of nausea. This boy has been too easy on me (knock on wood)! Good luck and keep us posted!
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Again I say thanks ladies for sharing all the different experiences each of you has had. After reading each post it has made me look at things somewhat different. Surely I am convenicenced that I can not compare this pregn with any other pregs that I have had.  I can remember seven yrs ago with my last child that I was sooooo sick that I couldn't do anything my entire preg.  However, with my first eighteen yrs ago, I can hardly remember anything that took place besides remember that certain smells I couldn't stand as well as some minor nausea...  After experiencing four m/c three been back to back I am just scared of any little thing that doesn't look or feel rt... I will keep you all posted on what happen with this litttle beam...  

Thanks a million
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I read somewhere that leg cramping is a symptom of early pregnancy and has something to do with calcium (sorry -- I don't know more than that).  I've also have mild leg cramping, but nothing too serious.  My LMP was May 15 and the u/s last week indicated that by today I am exactly 7 wks; the results showed a sac with something in it, but no visible heartbeat...yet.  My dh & I are on pins & needles waiting for the second u/s to look for the heartbeat (& growth) which is tomorrow.  One more day.  The waiting is horrible.  Try your best to stay positive.  I bet everything is fine.  Good luck today and let us know how your appt went.
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I can tell you you would be about 7 weeks 1 day because my LMP was also may 17th. You mentioned that your Dr won't do any blood tests but one way of finding out would be to do your hcg and progesterone levels, as a decrease in either of those may signal a problem, at least you may be able to put your poor mind at rest sooner. The cramps in the legs and brown spotting you mentioned could also be normal that early in the pregnancy. Maybe you could get a 2nd opinion from another Dr to ease your mind
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Every pregnancy was different in my case. I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms with my last pregnancy and was ten weeks before I ever knew I was pregnant.  I couldn't even be around coffee with my first son without getting sick. With my second, I felt queasy but no nausea. With our daughter, nothing. I drank coffee every morning and it tasted great. That's why I thought I couldn't possibly be pregnant!  I didn't notice any unusual breast pain either. I have fibrocystic breast disease and it has hurt worse at times than it did when I was pregnant.  With my second son, leg cramps were my first clue that I was pregnant because I'd also had them when I was pregnant with my first son. They didn't bother me much with Sarah.

I'm so happy for you and will be praying that everything will go well for you and the baby.
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Thanks ladies, I knew I could count on good answers from each of you once I post my concerns.  I will try not to worry, as I know that will be so hard to do:-)  I haven't had any signs of blood, only the brown spotting.  I am praying things turn out just fine on next Monday.  I forgot to mention that I do not have any type of an appetite.  I will keep you all inform once I know more...

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You should be fine.. I didn't start my  morning sickness until I am in 9 weeks... today I am 12 weeks and 1 day and my morning sickness is fading away.  thanks god...

If you don't have any symtoms yet... be glad and enjoy before it hit you.. As long as the u/s shows your baby HB good and the baby is growing.. then you should be fine... don't worry too much will harm the development of the baby.. Think positive and think happy..

right now my symtoms are light headache.. boobs sores.. sleepy.. hungry all the time... pee frequently...once awhile feel cramp on tummy... I am worry everyday.  the more i worry.. the more i feel depress...

Good luck to you and think happy.
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I agree, you should be 7 weeks now.  It was probably too early last u/s to see much, and the fact that the sac was measuring correctly is a very good sign.  

The symptoms come and go, and for many will not come at all.  Everything I have read about symptoms say's it is not a good indicator of whether or not there is a problem.  Women can miscarry and still have them as levels can still be high, and on the flip side, women with perfectly healthy pregnancies may not have them at all.  You can't go by that at all.

As for the spotting, I have had it off and on since the beginning this time.  I even had 1 very red bleed where I truly thought it was all over.  A subsequent ultrasound shows all is just fine.

It's so normal to worry after having miscarriages in the past.  I know exactly how you feel, it's almost impossible to sit back and enjoy because we read something into everything.  I am doing the same thing.  

In some ways I wish I hadn't done the bloodwork, but had just waited until ultrasound.  My levels were not doubling every 48 hours with my second set and I was more petrified then if I hadn't known.  Again, all turned out just fine, but I do wish I had just waited.  One more week, and you will have your answers.  It will be 8 weeks, so there will be no doubt as to what's happening, and in my opinion the waiting and uncertainty is the worst.  In all honesty, there is no reason to believe there is any problem right now, so try to hold onto that.  You know you are in my thoughts and prayers and we are all rooting for this little bean.  I'm not going to tell you not to worry, because I know you will.  But try to stay busy the next week and focus on the positive!!

Love ya my friend, hang in there.

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The first day of my last cycle was May 18th and I am 7 wks. Don't lose faith.  I had an u/s last week and saw the little heart beating. Haven't had too many symptoms myself. NO morning sickness! Thank God!! Your first u/s was probably just too early. Try to stay positive until you can get in to see your doctor. Good luck to you and your baby!!
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You're right...you should be exactly 7 weeks today. I'm so sorry you're having to go though all this added stress, but if it makes you feel any better, your previous appointment was at less than 6 weeks, based on your LMP, and it's not unusual to only see a sac at that point. The fetal pole and heartbeat is usually visible sometime the following week.

I can totally relate, though, I've had two miscarriages in the past and I'm now pregnant again, and I've been a nervous wreck the entire time. I haven;t really had many symptoms this time, either....I had more symptoms the two times I had my miscarriages...yet this is the farthest I've ever gone (14 weeks!), so you can't always go by symptoms. The only two I had early on was feeling bloated and tender breasts...but only on and off and not nearly as sore as they've been in the past. A little later on, I started to get some food aversions and heartburn...but I haven't had any morning sickness at all.

As for the spotting, it can be pretty common in early pregnancy, and brown means it's old blood, which is much better than fresh, red blood. If you haven;t had any cramping with the spotting, chances are all is fine...but I would probably call and notify your doctor anyway. The leg cramps, I'm not really sure about...

Best of luck with everything. Hopefully, everything will look just perfect next Monday!
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