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20 weeks and can barely feel movements

Hi All!

I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with twins. I can't help but compare this pregnancy to my two earlier ones. I can't get over the fact that I'm already 20 weeks pregnant and I can barely feel the babies move. I had single pregnancies before and my babies were very active. It makes me worry that something is wrong :-( We've had very unpleasant experience at the beginning, where I had to get cvs. Thank God everything came out ok. I just had to get this out of my chest. I can't focus on anything, all I keep doing is poking my belly and trying to make them respond. I keep thinking since there are two in there they should be bouncing around way more! Going crazy here! :-) Please share your experiences with me and ease my mind <3
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I was told by my doctor at 20 weeks movements are still very irregular.  Movements don't become regular till around 24-26 weeks.  I would buy or rent a doppler so u can hear the heartbeats at home and give u peace of mind.  I did with my first son after having 2 m/cs.  Good luck to u.
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The only thing I can offer is that I had an anterior placenta placement with my first pregnancy and it made feeling her move VERY difficult and much later in the pregnancy. I don't know about twins, though...

I have a doppler so that I can hear the heartbeat, but you need to use it with caution. Remember that you aren't trained to find it and it can be hard to do so. One time, when I couldn't find it, I FLIPPED out thinking that she had died. Exactly the reason that my DH and my doctor didn't want me to get it....(she didn't and is now 16 months old ;))

Good luck and try to enjoy the pregnancy!
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Hi expectingandhopeful
I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and only started to feel real significant movement at about 21 weeks due to my placenta being in an "anterior" position. So it's located in front of the baby so it cushions much of the movement, especially at this early stage where they are so small and not strong enough to really kick hard enough to feel through the placenta.  On a side note, if you are someone to be prone to worrying easily, I would stay away from dopplers.  I really wanted to get one because I had already had a "missed miscarriage" prior to this pregnancy and also with my age I was extra paranoid......but both my doctor and husband advised me against it.  My doctor said that so many of her patients that purchased a doppler ended up running to emerg at the hospital panicking because they couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler......and of course almost always the heartbeat was there but just couldn't easily be found.  Good luck and hoping you have a healthy and happy pregnancy!
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When u purchase or rent a Doppler get a medical grade one not the ones from babies r us(junk) so u are able to find the heartbeat easily.  When I got mine it was the exact kind my drs office used and I never had problems finding a heartbeat.  Good luck.
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Thank you for your encouraging words! Yes I am the one who worries too much! I almost died when during my last Dr's visit we couldn't find a heartbeat of one of them. Then the DR poked my belly and there it was. I'll try to be patient and wait until they are stronger. I suspect my placenta may be the reason! Thank you all and hope everyone stays helathy and happy! <3
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