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24 week ultrasound...

Just an update! Had my 24-week ultrasound today, and everything looks perfect! I was concerned about how big he might be getting due to the GD, but his weight is right on track. They said he's 1 pound 12 oz right now. His length was long...measuring at 26 weeks, rather than 24. But, that's okay, as long as he's not fat, too! LOL. Brain and heart and spine are perfect. And...I weigh one pound less than when I got pregnant! :-) So...happy day for me! Can't wait until the little monkey gets here!

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That's great news Tricia, I'm thrilled for you!!!  His weight is right on track...over half way there!!!  Great job!  Oh, could you please tell me how to only gain 1 more pound the rest of my pregnancy???  My total weight so far is 17lbs...lucky you!  Pam
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What a great appt!!!!!  Your little fella sounds like he is doing just great! You are doing so good on your weight you go girl! As of my 20 week appt, I have gained a total of 6 pounds (but shhhh, five of them came all in one month!)  

I have my level 2 next week. I can't wait! I will be 23 weeks then so hopefully I will see some good stuff too!!!!

I am so happy for you Tricia!!!!
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Good deal!    

Why did they do 24-week ultrasound??   Are they worried about large for dates?   Was this a run of the mill ultrasound?    Just curious as to what I might have to look forward to.    Doc said because I'm small for dates that they're going to do an ultrasound every month on me...geez!!   I think this week is my first week without a doctor appt and I'm loving it.  

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Oh good job on the weight gain!!    A friend of mine said that she went on a strict diet, not processed foods and ate very healthy and she weighed less than she started out at after the delivered the baby.  
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My last ultrasound was four weeks ago, prior to being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. So, they wanted to do another to make sure the baby isn't getting too big. My next ultrasound is in six weeks (at 30 weeks pg), and I'll begin twice-weekly stress tests at that point. I'll have another ultrasound every two weeks after the 30-week mark to monitor the baby's size. OB said that if the baby is getting large, he'll induce me at 37 weeks...which is fine by me. (My son was born at almost 37 weeks and he was 8 lbs 5 oz. And I didn't have GD at that time.)

And, Pam...no advice. Except that I'm overweight to begin with, so maybe that's why I don't seem to gain a lot of weight when I'm pregnant. (12 pounds with my daughter, 4 pounds with my son.) You could start out 75 pounds overweight and you'll be all good...lol. I'm sure the gestational diabetes has made a difference, too. I had gained about three pounds, but lost four in the last few weeks after being diagnosed. I'm not necessarily on a *diet...but I am making better choices and limiting food that is high on the glycemic index. It's actually been surprisingly easy!

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Im glad your U/S went well and baby looks good!! With my last DS I only gained 15 lbs, this time im up 21 lbs already, ugh!! I would love to only be 1 lbs up with a healthy baby:)
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