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2nd Beta Results

Just got my results...didn't just double, almost tripled!!  If they had doubled every 48 hours, my levels for yesterday's blood test would have been around 300.  Mine were 996!!!  I used the on line HCG calculator, and based on dates of blood tests and levels, it said I am doubling about every 29 hours!!  I burst into tears when they told me, my levels have never shot up that quickly before...ever.  My first pregnancy I had my first HCG level done at about this time in the pregnancy, and it was in the 400's.  I am just so happy and so excited right now, I almost can't stand it!!  I don't know how I am going to concentrate at work today.  To top it off I haven't had anymore of that weird discharge, symptoms are kicking in big time and I feel great!!!  I know I am not out of the woods yet, but this is huge progress for me.  Oh I just love you all so much, you have been so supportive!!!  Thank you for all the prayers...they worked!!!
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That is such wonderful news!!!  Congratulations.  I can read your huge smile in your message.  I am so happy for you!!!

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I'm so happy for you!
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OMG!  that is super!!!  I am so happy I am crying!!!   Take care of yourself MOMMY! hugs Julia
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I told you so :)
Hugs, Lisa
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That is such great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here's to a happy 9 months! :-)
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You have me in tears,  I am sooo happy for you.  We all know that this is the one.  I can't wait for you to see that little tiny heart beating on your June 9th sonogram.  I can't believe your finally going to be a mommy and Warren is going to be a daddy.  Now you will get to experience all the pregnancy symptoms that we have all went through.  This little bean is growing day by day.  Take Good Care of yourself and keep taking your baby asprin and fish oil.  I'm just so happy for you, I really want to call you just to hear your voice.  I think I might try and call you just for the fun of it.

Love Ya,
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That is so wonderful! Take it easy,
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Amazing - and you deserve every bit of it Amanda :)
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YEAAAAA I am sooooo happy for you!!!  when they get intot he 1000 you can see something on u/s and you should be there by now!  What did dh say???  What is the next step?  Another hcg?  when is the u/s!  I am so happy for you!  soon you will be a mommy!!!
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Amanda that's the best news I've heard all day!  {{HUGS}}   Pam
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Amanda, you have made my day :)
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Wow, that is great hon..

Who needs to focus on work.. you just enjoy this moment and focus on all the wonderul moments to come!!
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congrats sweet heart u deserve to be happy
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I don't know why I just pictured you tapping your feet back and forth giggling under the desk! Congratulations on FANTASTIC numbers. How exciting, you're going to be a mommy!!
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I just can't seem to concentrate on anything today at all!!  I still can't believe it.  With every other pregnancy there has been trouble from the get go. Even when I made it to 8 & 10 weeks, they never rose as quickly as they should.  It was always "borderline" or, we need to wait and see.  And I have never seen a heartbeat.  So I guess technically I didn't really make 8 or 10 weeks, my body just hadn't figured it out yet.  Next step is one more Beta.  She wants me to do it friday or monday.  First ultrasound is June 8th, where, God willing, I will see that heartbeat.  I am celebrating every day as a victory, and just trying to enjoy every moment.  Right now there are absolutely no signs or symptoms of impending loss, so I am sticking with that!!  I am just so incredibly happy.  DH is also so excited.  He had told me to call him as soon as I spoke to the Dr.s office.  I think both of us were hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst.  I just can't believe how emotional I am right now...I just love the whole world!!!!!
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FANTASTIC news!  I hope and pray that the joy your feeling right pulls an energiser-bunny stunt and just keeps on going.
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I'm so VERY HAPPY for you Lovey!! I went back & read it. ;o) Prayer DOES change things. ;o)

((((((BiG HuGz))))))
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Yes! Yes! Yes!!! I have goose bumps all over me!!!!! I am soooooooooo happy!!!!!! This is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I told you this little bean was going to be a keeper!!!!!!!!!!!  Now all we have to do is sit pretty until your ultrasound!!!!!!

Whoo-Hoo this awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for making my day!

love ya,
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wow thats great beta rising so quikly maybe its twins.. i am so excited for u.. congradulations
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Prayers have worked this far now let's all pray for TWINS!!!.  That would be awesome too.  See Amanda that is how my numbers jumped with Gavin so I just know this is a keeper.  He/she is just growing away in there all ready.  Come on June 8th......You will be in tears when you see that like tiny heart just flickering away.  It's one of the best feelings in the world.  Welcome to pregnant hood.  I just loved being pregnant, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and I pray that you have an uneventful, healthly pregnancy.  You still comeing to DC in June or July?  We must go celebrate with Gav Man.  I tried to call you and got no answer.
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Amanda - FANTASTIC news, honey!!  I got a chance (rare) to log on and I wanted to do so specifically to see your beta numbers and they're wonderful!  Congratulations - I love your attitude about celebrating every day as a victory.  That's the attitude I should've had when I was pregnant w/Noah - I'm so happy and excited for you and am always praying that June 8th will show a lovely heartbeat - jen
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HURRAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!  Wishing you a wonderful 9 months - I know you will enjoy every second!!!!!!!!!!!  Congrats!!!
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!  Now jus get over the 2nd hurdle!
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