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2nd trimester blood test positive for Down's Syndrome...

Hi. I'm 37 years old. I'm not freaking out or anything, but my ob/gyn called to let me know the bloodwork I did last week came back positive for Down's Syndrome... I'm 19 weeks pregnant with twins & have posted this question on the multiples forum as well. Has anyone else tested positive simply with the blood test & later found out their baby(ies) were okay after an amnio? I realize a positive doesn't mean one or both babies will be affected, but just that I'm at a higher risk. My results came back as 1/54. At my age & the stage in my pregnancy, my results should be 1/150 or higher. So, we scheduled an amnio for our appt next Wed.  We'll meet with the genetic counselor, do the anatomy scan & the amnio. It'll be a long day, hopefully not too emotional... Has anyone else tested positive & did your amnio and/or anatomy scan help with your concerns? I am staying positive, but would appreciate any help/advice you may have. Thanks, ladies! ;)
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I had my 12 week NT scan and labs done and all came back normal. Went ahead and had the 16 week quad screen performed for the heck of it and it came back as a positive screening for downs syndrome. I opted for the amnio and it came back showing a perfectly heathy baby boy.
The quad screen has a high rate of false positives. Also carrying mutliples does have an effect on the outcome of the test.  I am not going to tell you not to worry as I know you will as I did. ;)  But I bet everything is just fine. The amnio and scan will be able to give you peace of mind that things are ok.
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It's normal for us 35+ have high risk of DS... I am high risk down symdrome 1/138.. doctor wanted me to have amnio.  I decided not to do it.. main reason: I am keeping the baby no matter what so why do I have to bother to find out if my baby is having DS or not... unless I terminate this pregnancy if baby is DS...

The doctor scheduled me for second level u/s and everything look normal.. dont worry too much about that...

I am 29 weeks 3 days and my baby is healthy.....

Stay focus of taking care of your body and the baby.. don't worry too much will harm the development of the baby.
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Your baby didn't test postive for DS, it tested positive for a higher risk for DS.  The bloodwork cannot diagnose DS, only give you your risk factor.  I too came back in the positive side only because of bloodwork, my risk factor was 1:13.  I had amnio and my baby is a healthy baby boy, no problems at all.  Don't let that test scare you too much, it is not diagnostic, only amnio can do that.  I am sure it is the same for you!!  Good luck.
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Quinn'sMomma: Thank you :) I'm happy to hear your little boy is healthy. I have heard that false positives are higher with multiples, so that's good to hear you say that too :)

babyblue: Thanks. I'm not planning to terminate my pregnancy. We have an interesting situation in that we did IVF, transferred only one embryo & we're pregnant with twins. They assume they're identical, coming from one embryo, but at my last u/s, the high risk doc swore one's a boy & one, a girl, which is very rare with identical twins. This gave our RE & high risk doc some concern & so that's why we did the blood test.

adgal: Wow, that's great to hear that your little boy is perfectly healthy after a 1/13 test result :) I'm so happy for you & greatly appreciate your comments :) Yes, I'm staying positive. We only have to wait til Wednesday :)  
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Amanda is right....(she is the one who calmed me doen when I found out my numbers)
It is a risk factor...not proven numbers.

If it makes you feel ANY better...mine was 1:8 chances.

My Scan was perfect, it was my blood work that threw these numbers off (and my AGE...41).  

I refused the CVS test as it does not matter

You will be fine...!
Please help me I had scan everything looked good. Meternity21 test came back positive no numbers. Doctor rushed me in for a cvs and now waiting for results
Hi Bergamo71.  I'm so sorry you are going through that, honey.  hugs to you and your baby.  Stay positive as these tests do have not only false positives but also a spectrum meaning that babies that are born with abnormalities often have a spectrum of how they impact them from severe to not much at all.  Let me know how it is going, I"m here for you honey.
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I am skipping all those lab tests (which I ahve had some LAB problems with in the past) and going straight to amnio. (If that helps u any)  Best wishes
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There is no "positive" only a higher risk number and you should ask for yours.  My number was considered "positive" with a risk of 1:39.  I did not do amnio but my baby is here and in second grade and does not have Downs.  These tests are extremely inaccurate and have a high rate of false "positive".  Don't worry based only on this test.
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alikat: My number was 1/54. Thanks for your comments :) We're doing an amnio next week because of the confusion with my single embryo transfer & possible boy/girl twins. That's the only reason we did the blood test. We may find at our anatomy scan that everything looks perfect & the last u/s was just too early :) We'll see! Thanks again :)

slippinandsliddin: I actually skipped all the genetic testing just for this reason, unnecessary worry ;) We only did the blood test because of our last u/s, but I agree w/you. If I had to do it again, I'd skip the blood test & go straight to amnio :)

courtcoop: Thank you! You've all made me feel so much better & I've been staying positive :) Thanks for your support! :)
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It has been since 2007 since i've been on this site.  I had 3 mc in that year and gave up hope of ever having another baby.  My kids from a previous marriage are 21, 18, and 10.  I am now 40 and have a 5 month old beautiful baby boy.  I also opted out of the amnio and the blood tests.  I knew the risks of ds but figured god wouldn't give me more than I could handle.  My son does have ds and is the most precious baby ever!!  I used to blame myself because of my age, but I knew the risks going in.  Sooo, with that said, I would not trade or change my son for anything in the world, I am just thankful that I have him,!!!!  Good luck to everyone on their testing.
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1/54 is only a 1.85% chance you baby has down's.  The odds are that your baby is fine!  As everyone else said there are many false positives with the blood test!!  Best of luck!!  How exciting to have twins!!
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mlb1234: Thank you! Yes, we're excited about our twins. I'll update after our long day of appts on Wednesday ;) I'm excited to see how much they've grown :)

cadrmr: We're so in love with our babies already & just want the best for them :) We have a different situation which I explained briefly to babyblue, so we're covering our bases in order to be more prepared in the event one or both of our babies have ds or any other abnormality. Congrats on your long-awaited son! I'm sure he's beautiful & I can't wait to be in your shoes, a mommy after ttc for so long :)
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When I chose amnio it was for the same reason you are.  I wouldn't have terminated my baby no matter what, but I wanted to be prepared and in all honesty, the worrying would have been way worse then the knowing if that makes sense.  The procedure was not bad at all and I had no complications.  Once I found out the results, I could relax and enjoy.  Choosing amnio is not always about whether or not we would terminate.  Good luck to you!!
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Thank you :) You understand my reasoning completely! My concern with the amnio is that I have a T-shaped uterus, meaning it's smaller, two babies & each have their own placenta. We'll meet with the genetic counselor beforehand to address my concerns, but I feel confident in our decision & I honestly feel like everything will be just fine with both babies :) Do you know how long it takes to get your amnio results?
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It typically takes about 2-3 weeks I believe.  Because my risk level was so high, I was offered something called FISH which expedites the process dramatically. I had my amnio on a thursday and received my results on the monday.  Ask about it.  Also, DH and I attended an amnio info session ahead of time and saw a video about it.  I asked a lot of questions about the rate of complications for the clinic I was at and also the perinatologist actually performing the procedure.  There risk rate was more like 1:1600 compared to the 1:200 you read about.  That really put my mind at ease.

The procedure itself was not a big deal at all.  In terms of pain, I would compare it to getting the needle for freezing at the dentist.  I was so scared, that when the Dr. told me he was "in", I actually looked at him and said "seriously, that's it?".  I then felt some mild pressure and it was over.  The whole thing was ultrasound guided and DH was there with me the whole time as well.  Afterward they tell you to lay around for 72 hours..I took that very seriously and didn't lift a thing!  I let DH handle everything.  I had absolutely no complications and no problems at all.  I know amnio is not for everyone and I respect that completely.  For me however, it was the right decision and I have absolutely no regrets.  I would make the same decision again.

My best advice to you is to not be afraid to ask lots and lots of questions.  Make sure you feel very very comfortable with the Dr.  And you have to be realistic and recognize that no matter how good the clinic and Dr. there is an element of risk involved.  I came to terms with that ahead of time and was prepared for the possibility.  I just knew that the uncertainty would be too hard for me to handle and for me the risk felt minimal and I was comfortable with it.  Maybe that makes me selfish as this was about me, but it was a good choice for me.  I truly wish you well and will keep you and your babies in my thoughts.  Please keep us updated.  Amanda
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Thanks for so much helpful info! My husband will be with me as well, which I'm very grateful for.  We will also meet with the genetic counselor ahead of time to ask any questions we have.  I've read that with twins, they'll insert a needle to remove fluid from one sac, then insert dye into that sac, then remove fluid from the other sac, thus eliminating any confusion as to whether they're taking fluid from the same baby twice as opposed to each baby.  I was concerned when I read about the dye only because I hated my HSG & was afraid it was done the same way.  Turns out it's via needle, as well.  I appreciate your explanation as to how the procedure actually feels with the needle injection.  I know, after all I've been through, I can handle that!  Of course there's concern, but I'm like you.  I need to know how my babies are doing & have that peace of mind that either they're perfectly healthy; or if not, I want to prepare myself as best I can.  It's good to know about the bedrest afterwards, too.  Of course I'll take any instructions from my doc to heart :)
Thank you again!  You've really helped ease my mind quite a bit & I'm just so glad that I moved over to this forum & found such wonderful ladies. You're more help than you realize, I'm sure ;-)
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Hi Adgal and mommyin10

Like you I am 39 y/o and when I had my Nichal lining test I was pregnant with multiples.  Even tho the results came back as .18 mm which is supposedly very good but my Ob advised me that since I had multiples and I am 39, this will mess up my b/w results and it will come back as very high DS, no matter what.  So we have decided to go for an amnio this Thursday.  Like you this will not change my decision about my baby but it will just allow me to be prepared in case of any eventualities.  I love my baby no matter what. I was told to be on bed rest on day of procedure but thats it, the next day I go back to work.  Mine is a desk job.  Any advice on that ?  ANy other suggestion you can give will be great.

I do want to thank you for this post because reading it was very reassuring for me and helpful
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I'm so glad this post has helped you ;) It's helped me too, reading all the responses. It's good to hear your ob's comments re: twins & false positives. I have heard that before & it does make me a bit more hopeful. Good luck to you on Thursday! My amnio is Wednesday. Best wishes to each of us & our twin packs ;-)
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Hi iam 22 year old,n today received a call that has really worried me...Iam 16 weeks n 3 days n my doctor just told me that the blood test results came abnormal... I come to find out iam at a high risk of down syndrome...first time that it has ever happened to me...Will b goin for a leell sonogram in three weks..Can anyone write their opinion or help me out a lil bout how is the procedure or wat to expect. will b appreciated

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