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36 weeks

Has anyone's dr ever told them that if you are over 42 they will take your baby at 36 weeks??
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I had ctor at the hospital TRY to tell me that they would induce me at 37 wks, that was 2 babies ago and I was 41 at the time, there really is no need to take the baby early if there are no problems with the pregnancy/baby and by 36 wks your on weekly visits so they can pick up if there is something that isnt going well, 36 wks isnt even considered term so I wouldnt allow that to happen, unless of course there is a medical reason for doing so, like pre-eclampsia, or baby failing to thrive etc
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that was meant to say " I had a doctor"
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36 weeks is too early for a baby to be delivered if all is going normally. And certainly age alone is not a good reason.
I'd be askiung for another opinion if someone told me that.
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I have heard of that only if the baby has issues or is in danger. Otherwise that's really early. They had my friend recently deliver at 36 weeks. The baby had to be in the NICU his lungs were not ready. If they force you get a steroid shot for the lungs.
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Find another doctor ASAP.
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My little girl was born naturally at 36 weeks and she was fine, but I wouldn't recommend inducing it if there is no problem. They say its full term at 37 weeks. I would consider a different doctor, for sure.
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OMG I never heard that.   I was 43 when my baby was born...actually 2 months away from being 44.    They took him c-section at 39 weeks exactly.  I even begged for 38 weeks but they said no.   I had gestational diabetes and needed insulin 4x a day....had horrible horrible hemmoroids...black ones...(i know...tmi) and they STILL wouldn't take him before 39 weeks.    I went to a high-risk OB and they said its better to wait every time I begged.    What would your Dr's reasoning be on taking the baby so early?  
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Am over 42 and so far no health issues for me and baby and we agreed with my gyn that we will wait for baby to make an appearance  unless we really need intervention then will cross the bridge when we get there. If you and your child don't haveproblemd then the dr needs to re examine his her priorities.
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I think that issues is that women over 40 have double the risk of a stillbirth, especially at 40 weeks and beyond. This has led to some debate among the American College of Obsterticians and Gynecolgoist to consider inducing after 37 weeks to prevent stillbirth. However, they are only considering this and no one is quite sure how necessary this is. I would talk openly with your OB and see if you have other risk factors for stillbirth that they are worried about.  You can also ask for regular NSTs after 36 weeks to make sure that baby is getting ozygen from the placenta.  In any case, I agree that 36 weeks is too early.
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Thanks ladies, my dr did not say this to me, I had heard it some where and was just wondering if anyone else had heard this, I Will have a c-section at 38 weeks due to a few concerns they have, I am sure they will do what is best for me and my baby:) My last one came early and spent a week in the NICU,so I def don't want that to happen again!
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